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Dir En Grey-photo
Prophet kyo
Guitar kaoru
Guitar Die
Bass Toshiya
Drums Shinya

Formed in 1997, with the sole purpose to spread the feeling of hurt and sorrow caused by weakness, shallowness and egoism of humanity.

Since then, their grotesque ways, their warped affection, and their crazy live shows took the independent record scene by a storm, putting them on the very top.

In 1999, their fame caught the attention of then CEO of East West Japan. Thus signing them to a major record label. They debuted releasing 3 singles at once, very rare for a newcomer.

Of course, all 3 songs hit the top 10 on the charts.After that, all their releases would hit the top 10 on the charts proving that more and more people were sympathizing with their lyrics.

In 2002, their fame hit all of Asia. During their Asia Tour they traveled to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And in Shanghai, public safety officers had to be called in to calm the excited fans.
When they first formed, their expressions of pain came from struggling and writhe, hiding inside the feelings of hurt and suffering. But as time passed, their pain became a cry also a message.

Now, Dir en grey has changed its target from Japan to the World.
From their unstable beginning, the band itself has gone through many changes and revolutions. It is clear that their music is their tool to send out a message, and they have only just begun.

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cool as hell | Reviewer: Richard Correll | 12/17/09

I'm from london KY U.S.A. and i think dir en grey is one of the best bands i've heard. i cant understand all of it but it sounds great and the video's are cool too!!! i just thinks there cool all round!!!!

blossom | Reviewer: alexander the great | 11/4/09

what can i say...Dir en grey is an awesome band. from there very first album to there newest singles, they mix a great sound with deep meaning that often crosses language barriers. Kyo is one fucked up dude, and that is part of what makes him so good at what he does. he draws inspiration from his pain and whelms. my advice is, listen to Dir en grey, find the translated lyrics (unless you speak/read Japanese) and enjoy.

Admiration 100% | Reviewer: NJenova | 4/12/09

Ive been listening to Dir en Grey for a while now, about 2 years, and even got a chance to see them in concert. I love their sound, their attitudes, and most of all their lyrics. I dont think Ive ever really emotionally connected to a song until listening to them and I cant wait to find and hear even more connections with them. Kyo-sama is definitely a hero of mine, not because of his voice, which is amazing, dont get me wrong, but for his amazing depth of intellect. (Even if he did drop out of high school). I dont find any problem with them venturing into the US, I dont believe any kind of expression should simply be limited to one cultural boundry.

Anyways, to keep myself from rambling on several subjects I just want to say, that Dir en Grey is a great band for truely tapping into the emotional core.

awesome!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

me and my gf have been going out for a month now and one day at school she said "omg! I'm gonna get to be in love with Dir En Grey! So to start you off I want you to listen to one of the first CDs I've ever got". So she handed me the CD and it was their Vulgar album and so I took it home for the weekend and now I'm completely obsessed with them LOL!!!

Absolute | Reviewer: Blind Fae | 11/17/08

I have been a fan of Dir en Grey for about 4 years now and in those 4 years, they have without a doupt stayed my number one favorite band. The messages given through the lyrics Kyo-sama sings so beautifuly never cease to capture my attention and love.

It is an absolute fact that every single band member will stay in my memory, and in my heart, when Dir en Grey's incredible rein has sadly come to an end that none of us want. I will always remember them and I will never forget their music and the messages they give to us in every one of those beautiful songs that has captured us all and no doupt made history in the world of music.

INCREDIBLE! | Reviewer: Kyo's Angel | 9/27/08

I Am Only 11 Years Old And Im IN LOVE With Dir En Grey! They're Amazing Performers, I Adore How Kyo's Voice Sounds.They Are One Of The Most Incredible Bands Ive Ever Heard! I Realy Injoy The Song "The Domestic Fucker Family".Kyo Is Such A Insperation To Young People.In The Future,When Dir En Grey Is Long Gone, I'll Remember What Changed My Life On How I View The World.

o_o | Reviewer: Jociel | 1/28/08

I found out dir en grey by accident...and damn they sound awesome..u see in every album their style improves..MARROW OF THE BONE rocks!!!
here in Puerto Rico there is a very limited amount of visual kei fans!

Dozing green rocks!!! and conceive sorrow!! and clever slezoid!!! wooooo!!
and child prey!

Dir en Grey By chance | Reviewer: Marisa | 1/13/08

Well ok I was 12 years old when I went to japan (I was with my church) By chance I heard them playing there cd in the music store I was at. I asked the guy in the front of the store who they were (took me 30 min to translate) he hand me the Vugluar cover and said "Dir en grey".
I didn't know what to say so I bought it ( it coasted like 24 buck)so when I got back I played it on my cd player. I fell in luv my heart stop when I heard them. I started crying deg were my heros after that day on. lol
I also saw them at concert on my 15 b-day (Note:I gave up my Quince for the concert SO WORTH IT) I die that day and was reborn lol
I can't wait o see them again thank you DEG you mad a girl that hated the world hate it even more you guys rock!!!!

AMAZING | Reviewer: PYDE Y. IKI | 10/7/07

Dir en grey had very powerful music, lyrics and vocals. No matter what song I look at, they are beautiful in their own way. It's like they can take you into a different world, and escape from reality to a fantasy world where you can see the hurt and pain they are talking about humanity, even if you don't understand Japanese you can understand the message they are trying to pass.

DIR EN GREY come to Canada!! | Reviewer: a fan | 9/8/07

Dir en grey has come here, once(from what i know, for a concert with KoRn) but they should come AGAIN!!!

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