Dio Lyrics

Part 1:
October 1982-May 1983
Ronnie James Dio vocals, keyboards
Vivian Campbell guitars
Jimmy Bain bass, keyboards
Vinny Appice drums


Right after Dio and Appice had quit Black Sabbath, they
formed their own band, titled Dio already from the
beginning. Despite the name, the band was not meant to be
Ronnie James Dio's solo project, but a whole band.

They travelled together to England to search guitarist and
bassist for the band. After three days of wandering around
the clubs, Dio remembered More...

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Review about Dio songs
The good, the bad, everything inbetween | Reviewer: King Conrad
    ------ About the song Hungry For Heaven performed by Dio

This song is one of the reasons I miss Dio. Dio believed in people, in everyone, and he wanted to tell everyone that he did. Pursue your dreams, live your life the way YOU want to live it. Dio believed in you, so give it a shot.

GIVE A LIFE TO THOSE WHO DIE... ???? !!!!! | Reviewer: Barry J. Gillis
    ------ About the song The Sign Of The Southern Cross performed by Dio

All on has to do is listen to the song and know that the lyrics are "GIVE A LIFE TO THOSE WHO DIE", and not go along with what is written is here... Fucking Sickening how people add the wrong lyrics on songs... I'm sure the intentions were good, but clean the fucking WAX out of your fucking ears...

Awe inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rainbow In The Dark performed by Dio

Did security for the 1998 concert in Montreal where Dio opened for Iron Maiden....Amazing! I never knew of Dio before then and just being in his presence was awe inspiring. I was right in front of the stage maybe 10 feet away from the man, what a voice!

this is beast | Reviewer: zack
    ------ About the song Holy Diver performed by Dio

this is a great song, my stepdad turned me on to dio and this is my ultimate favorite. the mythical subjects, the pure emotion, and the grinding guitar we all love, backed by ronnies vocals sends a chil down ma spine

... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Eyes performed by Dio

I love it when Dio uses the titles of songs from his past in his lyrics. Falling Off the Edge of the World, Man on a Silver Mountain, Heaven and Hell, and Stargazer are all referenced here and it's awesome.

Phenomenal Song/CD | Reviewer: Rob
    ------ About the song Night People performed by Dio

I was quite late in discovering Dio's "Dream Evil", but when I did I was blown away. This is one of Dio's best lineups: Dio/Goldy/Schnell/Appice. Excellent songwriting and playing alike. If you are a Blackmore/Rainbow fan, this song and disc will appeal to you in many ways. I think this is the first CD with Craig Goldy in the band. His playing is inspired and fresh. It's obvious that he is heavily influenced by Ritchie Blackmore, but he defineatly has his own unique style. I would venture to say that this disc is right in there with "Killing the Dragon" and "Magica".

creepy. | Reviewer: sam
    ------ About the song Holy Diver performed by Dio

my friend woke up this morning with this song in his head, he has been singing it all day and he has never heard it before..
he thought he just came up with it..

The Greatest | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song The Last In Line performed by Dio

Dio is just Awesome. Ronnie is just a great person and singer in all he does. Great songs in Dio and also provided alot of great songs in Black Sabbath.

just too awesome | Reviewer: yo
    ------ About the song Holy Diver performed by Dio

this song just signifies how truly talented ronnie james dio is. one of the greatest voices in metal history with this song being one of the best ever in the metal genre.

Dio is the True GodFather of PowerMetal | Reviewer: Navroze Kotwal
    ------ About the song Rainbow In The Dark performed by Dio

This song truly brings out many facets of the great Ronnie James Dio's vast repertoire of lyrical themes and imagery.Its vivid,its perfect and this song has some of the most sensible lyrics in the world of Power Metal.Believeable and yet fantastic!!!Long live the Man on the Silver Mountain!!!He's only going to keep going HIGHEr!!!

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