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Hank Williams, Jr. Dinosaur Lyrics

Last updated: 12/19/2006 10:00:00 AM

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Hey man them ain't high heeled sneakers
And they sure don't look like cowboy boots
And that ain't rock and roll you're playin'
And it sure ain't country or rhythym and blues

You're singin' a song about makin' love to your drummer
Well gay guitar-pickers don't turn me on
And we don't all get into Donna Summer
Do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs

Cause you see I'm a dinosaur
I should've died a long time before
Have pity on a dinosaur
Hand me my hat
Excuse me man
But where's the door

It used to be I had a lotta fun in this old hangout
We'd get stoned at The Jukebox and stay outta fights
Now and then we'd light a little smoke in the truck out back
Aww then a little old Jim Beam and we'd get right

And you know these flashing lights sure make me dizzy
And this disco's very strange to my ear
It looks like they' ve turned The Longhorn into a spaceship
And I'll be leavin' just as soon as I finish this beer

Cause you see I'm a dinosaur
Should've died a long time before
There's a whole lotta dinosaurs
Give us our hats
Excuse me man
But where's the door

Get us our hats
Excuse me man
Where's the door

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