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Dimension F3h Biography

Last updated: 09/24/2003 12:07:42 AM

Dimension F3h is musical explorations from the mind of Morfeus (Limbonic Art). He puzzled with the ideas for a soloproject for what seemed like ages. At first it was a non-metal project only, but as time passed the metal roots pressed on, and there was no help for it, it had to be metal of some sort.

Songs started to be developed, and after a while Nesmoht (Arch Nemesis) was headhunted for his vocal abilities, and in Christmastime 2000, the two recorded a small demo, to have something to present to the world and it's labels. The disc reached Hammerheart Records who instantly saw the potential in the project, and Dimension F3h inked a deal with them in May 2001. After this, Dimension F3h were searching a bit for a suitable drummer, and after a while Stian "Thunderforce" Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind, Trivial Act) agreed to join in the crew, and everything was set to start recording the debut "Reaping The World Winds".

Recordings started out in December 2001, but due to Stian being ill, we decided to postpone the recording until we felt more fit to do the job, and also Morfeus was busy recording the latest Limbonic Art opus, as well as other musical endeavors. So finally in June 2002 Dimension F3h kicked off in the studio, and really got things rolling. With vocal assistance from Anette Gulbrandsen (Mandylion) and Line Ødegård, the debut finally was recorded.

In August 2002 Morfeus entered Studio Fredman, and with acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordstrøm mixed the album. The album cover was then inked, and "Reaping The World Winds" is set to hit the shelves in April 2003 through Hammerheart Records.