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Marshall Crenshaw Dime a Dozen Guy Lyrics

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(M. Crenshaw-David Cantor)

I saw her Sunday
Down by the Breakers
She drove right by me
I was stunned to realize
That she was riding with
That dime-a-dozen guy
First they're at the Forum
Then they're at the drive-in
I asked my buddies
And they all said "It's no lie
She's tearin' up the town
With that dime-a-dozen guy"
Guess I was thoughtless, careless too
I disappeared on her it's true
Now I realize I wasted something
That I cared about
That's why I'm blue
He's not good-looking
At least I don't think so
I just can't figure
Any earthly reason why
A girl like her would choose
That dime-a-dozen guy
Is there something about him
That my eyes aren't seeing?
If I'm not mistaken
Then there's no way to deny
That I've been left in the dust
For a dime-a-dozen guy
Right now it's feeling pretty grim
To hang my heart out on this limb
Now I realize I wasted something
That I cared about
And she's with him
I saw her Sunday
down by the Breakers
She drove right past me
and smiled as she rode by
Another girl in love
With a dime-a-dozen guy

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