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Link 80 Dime Store Hoods Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:18 AM

There are boys tht I know who are mean as hell, they keep to themselves and it's just as well. They've got bad cars and they've got cool chicks, greased up hair, man they look real slick... Dime Sore Hoods! They cruise the alleys, stay out of sight. They drink all day and they fight all night. Switchblade knives and cool tattoos, pompadours and rockabilly shoes. Street bye street, block by block, taking it all back. Dimes Store Hoods, ATR crew, we'll turn the tide, counterattack. West Coast Teenage F*ckups, 100's strong and we're here to stay. The youth are taking over, and we're going to start today.