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The history of Dilated Peoples began in ‘92 when Iriscience
and Evidence started a series of impromptu freestyle
sessions at L.A.’s Hip Hop Shop. These two emcees slowly
started evolving into the lyrically- and musically-strong
creative force we are now familiar with. First signed with
Immortal Records and later moving on to their current
label, ABB records, the Dilated Peoples reflects the
label’s motto always bigger and better. With raves and
rants from critics describing the music as having smart
turns of phrase, rhythmic drive More...

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Review about Dilated Peoples songs
Wrong A.F. plain belligerently wrong. | Reviewer: Rob Morick
    ------ About the song Show Me The Way performed by Dilated Peoples

I'm lookin' up lyrics because this song is so new and some of them are difficult to hammer out. However, the chours of the song isn't too hard for the first few lines, considering their important enough to the message og the song to be played slowed down for clairty in the begining of the track - if the person posting these lyrics couldn't get those lines right, every line of this is suspect and that sucks because this is a great song and every lyric site is going to host a copy of this abortion, abomination.

btw - the chorus:

The harder the work, well, the longer the day,
[easy may comfort?], but surely don't stay,
Trying to cope, well, I hope and I pray,
somebody show me the way
somebody show me the way

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