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You move, like I want to
To see, like your eyes do
We are, downstairs where no one can see...
New life break away

Tonight I feel like more
Tonight I...

You make the water warm
You taste foreign, and I know you can see
The cord break away

'Cause tonight, I feel like more
Tonight I feel like more
I fell like more...

You breathed
Then you stopped
I breathed, then dried you off
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And tonight I feel, feel like more...
Oh, tonight, I feel like
Feel like more...
Tonight, I feel like more
Feel like more...

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images | Reviewer: Nina | 10/10/11

I think you are trying to understand it literally. I believe this song is about a guy singing to a girl he wishes she would be there. In his imagination they take a bath together and he is breaking up with his old life. But he hasn't see her for a while "you breathed, then you stopped, I breathed then dried you off" has more to do with their feelings. She manifested her feelings and then she stopped, then he did it but she was feeling weak after giving so much energy. I think it's a story that is waiting cause he doesn't hurry up to quit with his old relationship, but that he is working on it and that he knows very well he will do it for her. It's in all cases a very sensual song!

Story behind the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/11

I read in a Guitar World article with the band that when the Deftones were making the White Pony album they were recording it in a house that was haunted. There was a really creepy bathroom downstairs where Cheno did most of his lyrical writing. He said that he wrote this song about bringing a girl downstairs to the eerie bathroom, taking a bath with her and getting out and throwing an electrical device in the bath tub. After she was dead he got her out, dried her off and thought about what he had done. Purely fictional of course.

Dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/10

Hey I know you guys are a little confused on all the lyrically meanings and such,but just though I would let you know that it really is about Chinos sexual fantasy or just a thought of taking a bath with a girl and then throwing something electrical in there,and then dressinlng her up after she's dead. It came from his mouth,so yeah..
But I can totally see where other views come from,and in my opinion songs,no matter what the meaning give everyone a certain feeling,or vibe they want or something to fill the hole that once was a feeling,and the Deftones are great at that,no,amazing.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Imk0tter | 7/17/09

I honestly think this song is about a dude who is trapped in a relationship looking for some distance.. he meets a girl who is completely free from confinements, which he seems to envy slightly.. he wants to experience that, and share his experience with her, so she can see that he can be like that too.. she saw, and was taken away by this ability.. it seems to have humbled her into thinking that she could also maintain a relationship and keep a distance, or quite possibly, that she has fallen in love with this guy.. and he is relieved to watch her realization, which could possibly have been his goal from the very start.. I'm a schizo so this might not make sense to anyone but myself.. lol

digital bath | Reviewer: BUH | 2/23/09

that's exactly right. Cheno wrote the song about a sexual fantasy he had of taking a girl home, watching her take a bath and then electrocuting her by throwing in an electrical device. then taking her out and drying her off and redressing her.

euphoria | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

I think you're right.. the song is about him putting her in a bathtub, killing her, and dressing her.. but he gets a euphoric feeling.. from what is happening, but especially from her.. this song is amazing

naaa son | Reviewer: d3ft0n3 | 12/10/08

DB is about taking a girl home. she gets into a bath and the person that took her home throws in some kind of electrical device and kills her, dries her off and puts her clothes back on....from the mind of mr. cheno moreno...fuckin crazy but awesome to hear some originality

innocence | Reviewer: bubba | 10/30/08

wow the last three people who reviewed these lyrics are either kind of fucked up in the head or are just thinking about it too hard. It's OK guys, just let go....the pressure in your head will release....b r e a t h. Has anyone considered that it could just be a song about a romantic evening that was unexpected? (tonight I feel like more)

digital bath | Reviewer: Spacey | 7/28/08

the song is great we all know that. i have a theory for this song of what it means. i think it means he kills someone he loves after he finds out she cheated on him (You Taste Foreign) and he puts her in the tub to electricute her (you breathed then you stopped) then he hangs him self (i know you can see the cord break away) something like that

Disturbing | Reviewer: Titan | 4/1/08

This song is so darkly enchanting. Apparently the story is about putting a girl in a bath, electrocuting her (you make the water warm[...] you breathed then you stopped), then drying her off and dressing her.

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