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Diesel Boy Biography

Last updated: 08/23/2002 03:08:46 AM

Diesel Dave - Vocals & Guitar
Justin Werth - guitar
Greg Hensley - Bass Guitar
Geoff Lackey - Drummies

Look, here's the deal: I have been asked by a high ranking official at Honest Dons World Headquarters to create a bio for a band called Diesel Boy. And seeing how Diesel Boy is probably the best band on the planet since Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force, this job should be pretty easy. Diesel Boy are from the wine country in Northern California. Santa Rosa to be exact. You know who else lives in Santa Rosa--the sax player for Huey Lewis and The News. Seriously. He owns a pool hall. And there's lots of Huey Lewis on the jukebox there. Anyway, Diesel Boy's been banging around since they played their first gig in the summer of 1993.

In 1996, after several years of learning how to not suck so much, Diesel Boy released their first full length record entitled Cock Rock. The record tackles time honored rock and roll themes like girls, punk rock morals, girls, and the merits of wanting to hump Drew Barrymore. In 1997, the band followed up their debut album with the highly praised, Venus Envy. Their sophomore release showed a definite maturation from their first record. Songs about girls were replaced with songs about girls that masturbate, and songs about Drew Barrymore were replaced with songs about Motley Crue and Dokken. The summer of 1999 brought us Diesel Boy's third record, the mind blowing, Sofa King Cool. This time out, the boys Diesel added a new drummer, a string section, a bunch of rock anthems guaranteed to have you stage diving off of your mom.

In February 2001, the members of Diesel Boy emerged from the studio with their fourth record, Rode Hard and Put Away Wet. Long-winded title aside, I think it's safe to say Diesel Boy finally painted their Mona Lisa. Or at least their velvet portrait of dogs playing poker. As always, Diesel Boy used the studio talents of producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, Dance Hall Crashers, Fenix TX, Nerfherder, and Lagwagon). Rode Hard and Put Away Wet is the usual Diesel Boy faire--a bunch of really good songs, and a couple of crappy ones. But you'll love it. I promise. It even has horses on the cover.

Despite the writing and recording of their first four records, Diesel Boy have also managed to tour their nuts off. They estimate having put at least 88,748 miles on their Ford Econoline van since they started. And they change their oil every 3,000 miles. They've been across the States and Canada countless times, they've rocked the historic countryside of Europe, and they've gone to Australia in search of vegemite. And when they found it, they didn't enjoy it. Along the way, Diesel Boy have made many friends, converted many fans, and have had their fair share of $10 lap dances.

So what does the future bring for Diesel Boy? Super rock stardom? A tour of Japan? A 'Behind the Music' episode? Night manager of Kinkos? Only the future will tell. You can bet that Diesel Boy will be touring heavily in support of Rode Hard and Put Away Wet. If you have a chance to hear their records or see 'em play, please make sure you do. I promise you won't be disappointed. Would I lie to you? And bring them some clean socks, I'm sure they could use 'em.