Dies Irae Albums

  • Sculpture Of Stone Album (7/21/2004)
    Beyond All Dimensions
    The Hunger
    Unrevealed By Words
    The Art Of An Endless Creation
    Trapped In The Emptiness
    The Plague
    The Oceans Of Filth
    The Beggining Of Sin
    Sculpture of Stone

  • The Sin War Album (3/15/2002)
    Comrade Of Death
    Incarnation Of Evil
    Internal War
    Horde Of Angry Deamons
    Genocide Generation
    The Truth
    Beyond Sensual
    Another Being Wasted
    Nine Angels

  • Naïve Album (1/8/2002)
    Sculpted In Stone
    Ice In Dawn
    Parallel Universe (Part I)
    Shattered Mockery
    Slow, Slow
    In Porous Verve
    Parallel Universe (Part II)

  • Immolated Album (3/15/2000)
    Message Of Aiwaz
    Sirius B
    The Nameless City
    Bestride Shantak
    Turning Point
    Hidden Lore
    Lion Of Knowledge

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