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Dies Irae Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 10:31:04 PM

DIES IRAE was formed in 1992 as a very young death metal band featuring China(guitar), Mauser(guitar and vocals), Czarny(bass) and Gilan(drums). 1994 marked the recording of their debut demo titled "Fear of God", released by Serenades records two years later. This demo offered typical death metal tracks and guitar variations as introductions. Their early recordings were heavily inspired and influenced by VADER and MORBID ANGEL. In 1997 Mauser joined VADER and DIES IRAE split up. Three years later Mauser sign contract with Massive Management, whose artist roster consists of such bands as VADER, SCEPTIC, DECAPITATED and many others. Mauser looked out for new members to his band. With help of Doc (VADER), Novy (DEVILYN) and Hiro (SCEPTIC) the band started prepaing material for their full debut album.

On June, 5 2000 DIES IRAE entered the Selani Studio to record their debut album. Entitled "Immolated", it was produced by Szymon Czech, and graphically designed by Jacek Wisniewski, who had been previously responsible for several Vader cover artworks ("Kingdom", "Black to the Blind", "Live In Japan"). "Immolated" was mastered at Studio 333 by Bartlomiej Kuzniak who is responsible for VADER's masters. All lyrics are written by Lukasz Szurminski, his new words will be featured on the upcoming MCD "Reign Forever World" by VADER.

Following the promotional mailing of "Immolated" the band received a a couple of contract offers from labels from all over the world. Finally, DIES IRAE signed a four album contract with premiere worldly label Metal Blade, which represents the band in the world except for Poland and Japan. The debut album got released in November 2000, and its promo campaign will be backed up with a video-clip for the track "Lion of Knowledge". The album itself comprises 9 cuts, including two cyber-industrial intros performed by Doc.

The new album "The Sin War" was recorded in May/June 2002 at Hertz Studio in Bialystok in cooperation with two engineers Wojtek and Slawek Wieslwscy. The date of release got re-scheduled on September, because of technical problems with the CD-Masters. The complete tracklisting of "The Sin War": "Comrade of Death," "Incarnation of Evil," "Internal War," "Horde of Angry Deamons," "Infinity," "Genocide Generation," "The Truth," "Beyond Sensual," "Another Being Wasted," and "Nine Angels." There is also a distinct possibility that fans will finally see DIES IRAE live! A short promo tour in Poland is planned around the 15th and 20th October, in between the European and Japanese VADER treks.

DIES IRAE play highly efficient, ferociously technical, and extremely energetic death metal. Mauser and Doc, the band's leaders, are also VADER's members - the best European death metal band, Novy is member of BEHEMOTH and DEVILYN, and Hiro is playing in SCEPTIC.

Mauser - guitars
Novy - vocals, bass
Hiro - guitars
Doc - drums