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Die Happy Biography

Last updated: 08/22/2002 10:15:59 PM

Thorsten, the gitarist from 'Die Happy', wanted a band. He took a drummer, and bassplayer, but they didn't have a girl for singing. They tried many female singers, but they didn't find their right super princess. At September 12th 1993 Marta came to Germany. Within a week, Thorsten had asked her to play in the band. And 'yes' she was the right girly. The Band had the four wonder people: "Julian" (Bass), "Marcus" (Drummer), "Thorsten" (Guitars) and "Marta" (Vocals).

No one had a computer, so the cover for the first cd, was made by hand. The Logo was made by Marta, ofcourse cause it was a flower. The first concert was at February 19th 1994. At Ulm There came 430 visitors and they earned ~ $145. Their first little cd was named: "Better than nothing". And the four tracks were: "I know you", "Die Happy", "Sweet Princess" and "That used to be". At January 16th 1996 till January 24th 1996, they were in studio for recording their first album called: "Dirty Flowers". With the tracks: "Alright", "Stereotype", "Get up", "Africa", "They Lie", "Never the flowers", "You said", "To the minority", "Sweet Princess", "We can't make it" and "Noche Oscura".

At 1997 'Die Happy' had a computer, and the newest logo what was made for them. They played at concerts with 'Such a Surge', 'H-Blockx' and 'Bell Book And Candle' 1998, was the year of their website, Thorten had designed the official Die Happy website. They played also concerts with 'Guano Apes', Die happy was the support act. Finally they got their record contract from Epic/Sony They got all the luck. Also the Producers from the Guano Apes helped Die Happy with their songs and demo's.

They got a new tryings-room, and a second drummer: the famoust "Jürgen"!!! Who just finished his study at the Conservatorium.

They played at "Rock am Ring", and their other 60 concerts. They needed a new bass player, after Marcus, Frede. Rainer from Ulm, Flo from Freiburg and Sven from Frankfurt played some concerts for Die Happy, as bass players. But at October 22th 1999, The 'Ralphy', came in the band. So the professional foto-shooting would be started. At December 10th 1999, they got the label BMG.

In 2000. 21 Hours video recording... But finally they got result, the video, for the new single. Supersonic Speed. The video is playing much on VIVA 2 (Germany tv channel). And good places in the charts for the master single :). At February 2001, so just less then a month... We got where we are waiting for.... the new album Thorsten, Ralph, Jürgen and Marta will come in the stores. After Supersonic Speed the new single came out: Like a flower. Following up by: One million times; which only was released as radiopromo.

March 2002: New single coming out on the 4th of March: Goodbye! From the new album (2nd cd): Beautiful Morning; coming out on 2 april 2002