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Dr. Dog Die Die Die Lyrics

Last updated: 05/13/2008 11:00:00 AM

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It turns out cigarettes can kill you
cause when you didn't come back
every time that I thought of you
I smoked a whole pack

I was up to about seventeen packs a day
I was refueling too
about every hour or so
I drank a bottle of white mule

I wasn't thinking about turquoise
I wasn't thinking about gold
I wasn't thinking about thinking
or about getting old

got to be so I didn't care
if I was leaving or loving
oh, what I was
and what I was becoming

I don't want to in your arms
I just want to die
don't want to die in you arms
I just want to die

and like a marionette doll
oh, manned by a fool
I went into the chicken shed
started looking for tools

well I worked for a month
build some sky and some clouds
and I built some myself some angels
with trumpets so loud

well they played hallelujah
and I knew I was done
I walked through a golden gate with pearl inlays
saw a never setting sun

well I knew I was dead
I couldn't do no more harm
well I built myself a heaven
where you died in my arms

well you died in my arms when I died
well you died in my arms when I died
well you died in my arms when I died
you died in my arms when I died

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