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Born: December 25,1971
Hometown: London, England

Dido was five when she stole her first recorder. This
didn't lead to prison, but rather to her entrance one year
later to the Guildhall School of Music in London. A bit of
a child prodigy, by the time she was 10 she played piano,
violin, and the aforementioned recorder.

Her teenage years were an interesting mixture of stealing
her brother's record collection (from The Clash to Gregory
Isaac's to Duran Duran) and touring the UK with her
classical music ensemble and then, at 16, she More...

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Review about Dido songs
Lovely song, but.... | Reviewer: Heather
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Dido

I too love this song. I have an amazing husband and am very thankful for him, every day. In an interview Dido stated this song was about a one day affair with a man who was married. Didnt love him, just wanted him. A bit sad.

The mood | Reviewer: Peter Akpakpan Udo Imin
    ------ About the song White Flag performed by Dido

Each time i played this song it reminds me about my first luv that seems to me logical till each tears i cried bcomz a rose to me. i really really luv the lyric and the artist.

Thank you, Sarge. | Reviewer: Carolyn
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Dido

I met a man in 2004. He was very ill. In 2004 I married him, quit my career and put my entire life on hold to take care of him and help him to get well. He finally died in early 2011.

Then, about a week and a half after he died, I found out when Social Security denied me my spousal benefits, that the POS lied when we married and he was married still to his first wife in NJ and not divorced. She got the finacial support and I got evicted from my home and lost everything, including custody of my daughter. And he left me in debt, ran up bogus bills in both my married name as well as my maiden name. And his POS ex wife KNEW they were still married and were not divorced but never had the decency to let ME know.

His lies were revealed one by one during those first weeks after his death. I am still unraveling his lies. I am still getting over it. I don't know that I will ever be over it entirely. I am still trying to dig myself out from under the mess he made of my life. I am working hard at freeing myself of the anger and resentment, and trying to trust again.

August 17, 2011 ... I met an amazing, intelligent, gentle, loving, protective, decent and caring man, and he is giving me the best days of my life.

This song could have been written just for him.

Wonderful song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Isobel performed by Dido

I love this song!i really love the fact that it's not a traditional love song,because clearly dido sang this song about a friend of her's so it's really beautiful to express her sympathy and love to her friend.It's just amazing!

The last time | Reviewer: Joseph Anthony
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Dido

A few years ago, I lost my love. She was in the bottom of the life, now I found her. This song spell the things that I lived without her. These years. Alone. I have been I alone in my bed. I Wake up. It reminds me, is true, I feel better. No matter nothing. Thank you dido for this song. You're the best about feeling. Pp

Awesome song(We got one singer to carry the work of ENYA) | Reviewer: prakash
    ------ About the song If I Rise performed by Dido

the Song tries to convey and what we felt and what we show.But it's the people belonging to us who analyzes us best.

It also wants to convey that if we loose something than we realize about it's worth.

Close to someone special | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Closer performed by Dido

These lyrics sum up the feelings and dangers I have experienced because of a wonderful woman. I met her when I was already in a relationship and I can't tell her how I feel. The danger is it can be obvious that she makes me so happy when we are close and we clearly enjoy each other. I want to be close but it will one day be too obvious... Carol you are wonderful and deserve more than I could ever give...

Tragic Lyrical poetry | Reviewer: Rebekah
    ------ About the song White Flag performed by Dido

At first the sight and comprehension of these lyrics strikes me offensively, because I am usually the one who lives by the "it's over" rule, and have had my share of one or two exes who take a similar stance. It's tragic because this stance ensures loss, loss and more loss for the desperately unable to cope individual it represents. But I can see why this song might haunt me, for the sake of the one I was so crazy in love with who didn't deserve my unconditional devotion, because they are incapable of receiving or reciprocating the health of the love.

Opalescence directions | Reviewer: Douglass
    ------ About the song Here With Me performed by Dido

Excuse me. In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
I am from Kenya and also now teach English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "The optical discs of the visible ideas are maternally does: segments of the small publications of developments got that a fundamental video of translations and an length motion makes place of interactions turned for opacity with the theory centers."

Best regards 8-), Douglass.

thank you | Reviewer: esperanza
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Dido

wow! At ds very m0ment i lìstened to dis song! And its really2x nice one. I hope dido would c0me up with an0ther that w0uld make people appreciate life m0re. That their wud s0meday, somehow b with us 4ever. Ths s0ng is nice because it helps me thnk that how life is imp0rtant and to sh0rt so better say thank you with ur love one's and to God!everyday! M0re power Dido

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