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Born: December 25,1971
Hometown: London, England

Dido was five when she stole her first recorder. This didn't lead to prison, but rather to her entrance one year later to the Guildhall School of Music in London. A bit of a child prodigy, by the time she was 10 she played piano, violin, and the aforementioned recorder.

Her teenage years were an interesting mixture of stealing her brother's record collection (from The Clash to Gregory Isaac's to Duran Duran) and touring the UK with her classical music ensemble and then, at 16, she finally fell in love... with Ella Fitzgerald.

So began a passion that eventually led Dido from listener to participator. She started singing with various bands in and around London, and despite the fact that her brother, Rollo, told her not to give up her day job, she eventually appeared on the debut album of a band that Rollo formed in 1995.

This band was faithless, and they went on to sell in excess of five million records. Over the next two years, Dido toured with faithless (a very different experience from her classical days) and, whenever she was back in London, also recorded demos of her own songs.

On Faithless's current release, Sunday 8pm, Dido appears on two songs, one of which incorporates her own "My Lover's Gone." Arista records heard these demos at the beginning of 1997, and Dido was invited to the Dorchester hotel in London to meet Clive Davis. the meeting was successful (Clive even helped out with some of the backing vocals as Dido sung to him).

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Phone no.O7O55595O28 | Reviewer: Endurance james, from nigeria? | 12/23/13

Dido, are you alone wherever you are, each time i listen to your song is like ,this world is about to end, it makes me fell like , this world is vanity uppon vanity, i really love your song, especially life for rent track , it makes my spirit cool ,

Dido | Reviewer: Endurance james, from nigeria? | 12/23/13

Dido, are you alone wherever you are, each time i listen to your song is like ,this world is about to end, it makes me fell like , this world is vanity uppon vanity, i really love your song, especially life for rent track , it makes my spirit cool ,

seer of feelinz | Reviewer: samuel | 10/12/13

u ar a mind blowing musician dido...wen i listen 2 ur song its jst lyk u xo much knw aw am feelin,ur lyrics z so touchin...neva tut i cud listen 2 blues bt ur sng intrigued me...wish i am 1of ur closest frnd...keep it up u ar doin jst gr8!!!!

Dido my favorite | Reviewer: Oyim Williams | 3/29/13

Dido.... Is a woman that sings as if she knows what will happen in the next few hours with two lovers.... She keeps me cool and clam whenever am heart broken by my partner, dido the woman of honor.... I love dido.

D best femal singer | Reviewer: Reon edwards | 12/24/12

Dido is an artist dat is loved by every human being there is no condemnation of one song she had sang, its like she lives in you and GOD has given her d gift to communicate with u and say the words suitable for your soul and a very heart touching instrumental to make you think well.

reality singer | Reviewer: Izuchukwu Unachukwu | 12/12/12

Dido sings like if she knew everyones mind and feelings. When i listen very deep to her song lyrics titled .SEE THE SUN. I felt like if Dido was a God sent. the promise she made in that song makes me to feel like i got an accompany in time of dilemma. infact dido ur knowledge and inspiration did it all. did i 4get ur voice? oh! God u had a warm and unique voice. I love u

danny? id like to cook for you | Reviewer: Dan | 1/13/12

whatching your dvd for the 100 time the song playing now is merry is in india. my 40 on the 29 march 2012 austarlia victoria mooroopna 58 macisaac road. if you in the area please pop in. saturday is my party the 31 i no you in demand. my dad said you dont get anything till you ask so im asking.

NICE SINGERS | Reviewer: Daniel Muchichwa | 12/18/11

Words alone cant express the way I love your music. It makes feel lyk cmng bek home even if I didnt feel like. Your voice is magical coz it makes my hair rise. I wish to spend all my life listening to your music.

The biggest passionate of Dido | Reviewer: Carimo jone | 12/16/11

Dido love the way you sing . You marvelous voice make me concentrated to listen your song . I will be very excited if you sing about the day you born. I wish more time on your life as a singer

her voice is the one | Reviewer: ehsan | 6/29/11

i've listend to many woman singers' songs but in all of them i just belive in 3 of them that the first is amy lee the singer of evanescence who has a real warm, sad voice, the second is dido that i do belive her voice is the mildest voice i've ever heard and she is the first in pop and the third is rihanna that her voice is really so warm and i love it.
dido really sings her songs with her heart and makes everyone really relax i hope she will sing forever for her fans and i wish she was my friend.
i'm really in love with her songs

For da evergreen dido | Reviewer: Pruthvi | 4/29/11

"Dido"-the name itself speaks everything.. m a music lover n m fan of ur voice n songs.. seems as if u r made 4 music n music 4 u.. wen i listen 2 ur songs seriously world seems mesmerising 2 me n i jus fall in luv wid ur voice n ma heart starts beatin.. go on dido v all luv u n ur voice.. ma gud wishes r always wid u.. u r amazinnnn singer..

You are God's gift to our generation | Reviewer: Lanre | 10/11/10

Dido is one of the few artists on earth that i'm totally enraptured with. She sings with a touch that i strongly believe is beyond this world. Whenever i'm tensed up and i need someone to lift me up, she's always there for me with her unique voice, rhythms and lyrics. Amazingly, there's not a single one of her songs that i didn't rate as star 5 out of 5. I only wish she realize that someone from Nigeria is madly deeply in love with ALL of her songs. Hi five from one of your strongest fans.

Black love | Reviewer: HENRY ATA | 7/6/10

one of favorite woman i will ever like in the world. but i wish she was my friend..who i will stay and chat with every time so i can learn something from her...She is so sweet and i like her voice so much.The who have his heart should do well to take care of it.Hope God Bless her.

An uncomparable singer | Reviewer: Rollingstar(Adeolu Afolabi) | 5/13/10

I have been listening to musics but that of my passionate singer has got no equal.I love evrything about her songs,both the lyrics and the rythm.Her songs keeps the water of my soul calm whenever its troubled.I love you Dido.Nigeria.

dido ....... i adore u | Reviewer: Anand | 12/20/08

i would have liked to meet u to know the type of person behind this divine voice, i totally love ur music, it renews my strength when i feel down, come to Trinidad and Tobago and give us a concert ..... u r an amazing singer

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