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Sex Pistols Did You No Wrong (Live) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/05/2005 11:00:00 AM

I don't mind the things that you say
I don't even mind going out of my way
I try and do these things for you
Why should I do it
I'm always untrue
Well, I did you no wrong
I did you no wrong
Going out of your head
I ain't seen you off the screen
But those films are my dreams
And I can't take much more of you
'Cause the bog is no place
to see your face
Can't you see I'm out of my head
Oh can't you see I'm a little insane
Oh can't you see I'm really dead
Going down, down, out of my head
I did you no wrong
I did you no wrong ! HA HA HA !
Going out of my head...

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