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Nancy Sinatra Did You Ever? (featuring Lee Hazlewood) Lyrics

Last updated: 08/10/2007 11:00:00 AM

Did you ever?
Not so much, that you could notice
Well could you estimate how many?
8 or 9
Will you do it anymore?
As soon as you walk out the door
Well I just wondered, did you ever?
All the time

Could I fix you one small?
No thanks I just had one
Then how about a nice big...?
That would be just fine
Is there any special way?
Oh no, whatever you say
Well I just wondered, have you ever?
All the time

Does he look like...?
No he's taller and more handsome
Yeah but is he old?
Oh no he's young and he's in his prime
Does your father know I'll bet?
Uh huh.. I haven't told him yet
I just wondered, do you ever?
All the time

But just for old times sake
No,that would be much harder
Then how about...?
Well are you sure that you don't mind
Hey I know just the thing for us
No I'm afraid I'll miss my bus
Well I just wondered, have you ever?
All the time
I just wondered,did you ever
All the time

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