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Angels And Airwaves Diary Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 01:22:27 PM

Open up the air flow
Taking in a ray of light
Stretching across the long coast
Falling back on past time
Sleeping in the wallow
Crying and shivering
Hunting for your sorrow
Bending down to hold on
Shiver like an ocean
Scatters like a serpent
Killing off your habit
Take me as your servant
Take me as your weapon
Take me as your courage
Take me as your servant (x3)

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'Diary Lover' | Reviewer: josh bernardy | 11/11/12

I think Angels & Airwaves is missing very little from revolutionizing modern music forever. This song is amazing. And it shows that Tom and the boys never stop on their commitment to show us something we've never heard before!