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Diana DeGarmo Biography

Last updated: 08/06/2008 12:00:00 PM

Birthday: June 16, 1987
Birth Place: Snellville, Georgia

Diana DeGarmo is 17
She is the youngest person to audition for American Idol
She is in the top 12 on season 3 of American Idol.
She auditioned for American Idol 3 in Hawaii.

UPDATE: In her semi-finals performance, she sang "I got the music in me" and made it through to the final twelve along with Fantasia Barrino that week.

WEEK ONE: SOUL: Diana sang "Think". The judges all agreed the performance was good. Diana made it through to the next round. Leah LaBelle was voted off.

WEEK TWO: COUNTRY: Diana sang "Broken wing". She managed to hold the final note of the song for a good 15-20 seconds. Paula called the note "Groundbreaking". Simon did not think so anyway, telling her she didn't "connect" with the audience. She, however, managed to connect barely enough votes to move though to the next round. Matt Rogers got the boot.

WEEK THREE: MOTOWN: Diana sang" Do you love me?" Paula and Randy were impressed. Simon, however, was not. Simon told her anyone could see that in any high school in America. Randy replies, "You can't hear that in any high school in America." America agreed with Randy, she was through to the next round. Amy Adams was taken out of the deck.

WEEK FOUR: ELTON JOHN: A difficult week for Diana. She was ill with tonsiltitis. She struggled through a performance of "I'm still standing". Randy said it wasn't her best, Paula told her she did great considering her physical condition, and Simon had "No comment". She was in the bottom three with Camile Velasco (who was voted out) and Jasmine Trias.

WEEK FIVE: MOVIE THEMES: Diana performed a popular song. She sang Celine Dion's "My heart will go on" from the soundtrack of box-office record-breaker "TITANIC". Randy and Paula told her it wasn't her best performance. Quinten Taritino told her it was a difficult song to sing, and Simon told her she didn't do very good mainly in part due to her age. Again, she was in the bottom three but made it through to the next round. Jon Peter Lewis was voted out.

WEEK SIX: BARRY MANILOW: Diana had an easy victory this week. She made an excellent performance by what the judges said. What did america say? Diana was in the top 3 by surprise leaving Latoya London, Fantasia Barrino and Jeniffer Hudson in the Bottom 3. Jeniffer Hudson couldn't get enough votes.

WEEK SEVEN: LATIN MUSIC: Diana had a wonderful performance this week. She performed "Turn the Beat Around," a song by Gloria Estefan that was on the charts for 13 weeks!!! She did that song proud! Randy, Gloria, and Paula all loved it! Simon said he would give the performance a 7 and her dress a zero! However, she made it through to the next week! John Stevens was voted off.

WEEK 8: BIG BAND WEEK: This week, the five remaining contestants had to perform 2 songs. They would perform both songs at once, and then hear the judges' comments. Diana chose to sing "Someone to Watch Over Me," and "Get Happy." Randy and Paula were proud of Diana once again, Simon said the only complaint he had was that she seemed like a 50 year old woman singing that song (**Judy Garland**). However, America agreed with Paula and Randy once again, and George Huff was voted out!

WEEK 9: DISCO WEEK: The four remaining ladies had to choose two different songs...the guest judge was Donna Summers. The judges were to say their comments in a reverse order, starting with Simon, then Donna, Paula, and Randy. Diana sang her first song, "This Is It." Simon even said to Diana, "Diana, I know that all along I've been telling you that you're too young for this competition...well tonight, I'm taking that back." He also advised Diana to stay well away from LaToya London and Fantasia Barrino, as Diana was starting to break up the prediction of a LaToya-Fantasia Finale! Paula, Donna, and Randy agreed. Then Diana sang, "No More Tears." Pretty much the same thing~all of the judges commented on what a wonderful performance she gave! This week, surprisingly, LaToya London and Fantasia Barrino were in the Bottom Two, with LaToya getting the boot.