Diamond Rio Lyrics

The beginnings

It all began in the 1980's with a band called the Grizzly
River Boys, working at Opryland amusement park in
Nashville, TN.,in which Marty Roe was a member of. Soon the
name of the band would be changed to the Tennessee River
Boys and other familiar band members would join. Jimmy
joined in 1984, Dan in 1985, Brian in 1986, Gene in 1987,
and finally Dana in 1989. Each member has a remarkable
background in music and have played with some very
reputable people. When they came together, however, is when
their creative More...

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Review about Diamond Rio songs
Mom | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

My mother recently passed away and I made a cd of music to play at the wake. I thought I had gone a good job until I heard "One More day." This song put my feelings in order. I felt selfish because I did not want her to go but the lyrics helped more than you will ever know.

The love of my life | Reviewer: Anne
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

I Lost my husband one year ago today (11/15/2010)we had 38 great years together but it was just not long enough. He was a Vietnam Veteran and died due to Agent Orange caused lung cancer. This song always makes me cry but I love it, also "Your Gone" and "I Believe" by Diamond Rio, they all help in the healing process. I will always love you Bernie.

In Loving Memory of My Husband | Reviewer: Linda Armstrong
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

This song is absolutely beautiful. It is the very thoughts of my heart when I think of my husband, G.T. Armstrong, whom I lost 3 years ago from heart failure. He was the love of my life, my soul mate. When I heard this song, I broke down and cried, wishing I could have that wish come true. I will cherish this song for the rest of my life, as I do the precious memory of my sweet husband.

This is very helpful to me. In memory of my son. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

I lost my 37 year old son and my only son one year ago this month. A good friend of mine sent me a book and in the book it had this CD with only this one song on it. I can listen to it over and over while I am driving and I feel my son close by. He left behind a wife and two small children. he died of a rare blood disease called TTP. It is an auto immune disease. He was a wonderful son a good husband and a very proud dad. He is missed by many..Check out his website, "wholoveshockey.org" Steve Reinsch TJ's Dad

Iwould like ym church chior to sing this beautiful song and do it justice | Reviewer: Christiana greenaway-Duberry
    ------ About the song Walkin In Jerusalem performed by Diamond Rio

The sentiments of this song is very moving can you send me this song with the music ever since I heared this sone I am fasinated over it, this is my desire to walk in Jerusalem just like John. this is a very moving song and I would like for my church chior to render it some time. can I pet the music please. thank you cgd.

One more day... | Reviewer: Brandi
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

I'm about to leave for a little while, and I won't be able to see my love. I've been wishing for one more day for about a week. It was granted for a while... but no more. The song holds true. Still wishing for one more day...
I love you Rob!

Powerful | Reviewer: lauri jackson
    ------ About the song In God We Still Trust performed by Diamond Rio

Two messages - one about the One who has given us everything and the other about our amazing country. I wish this were able to be a single so radio stations could play it on air. What a loss to a wide audience.

grandpa gone to heaven | Reviewer: chris beck
    ------ About the song You're Gone performed by Diamond Rio

my grandpa gerald church had gone to heaven since 2002 i kept listen to this song "you are gone" it remind me of him all my life.
i only see him once a year for christmas.
and now i am little down because of my grandma church is now ill and getting worse won't eat or exercise to keep her fit. my aunt and uncle have to give up their home in sasktoon,sask,canada to move with my grandma church.
i now haven't seen my family since 2005 christmas.
i moved to east of canada since i am happy here in P.E.I. which it set me free from my family.
i missed them so much it scare me to dial my grandma phone to tell them how much i love them.
it harder each day.

wedding | Reviewer: chloe
    ------ About the song I Know How The River Feels performed by Diamond Rio

To me, this is the ultimate wedding song. The words are perfect and Diamond Rio's harmonies are heavenly. We all have to go through so much to finally get to the place where we can finally find love and peace. It make take us awhle to get there, but when you do it will all be worth it.

One more day with my uncle | Reviewer: Sara
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Diamond Rio

Every time i hear this song, it reminds me of my Uncle Steve.. Over the summer will i was visiting my grandparents in Ohio, Steve passed away from a severe heart attack and i always wish that i had been there.. I just wish i had one more day with him.. I love you Uncle Steve

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