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Chris Miles Dial Tone Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 10:54:52 AM

You never knew what I was capable of
The second that you brought me down I was just raising it up
You motivated me by hating when I continued to suck,
Well now whos getting recognition and game and fans like the dozens?
King of Ill be right in my zone
And nobody stepping to me and they know
That I am nice and thats how a nigga do
And to all the haters hatin
Just watch out for when I make it,

See Im back in the V attacking the list,
So my heart every day you go mannually
Automatically rapping the sanity
Im just tryin to follow my green and find out where it takes me
Check it Ima go HAM
Somebody in out it cause a commotion
And the rap game really know I go in
On every verse I got dedication Im blowing up like detonation
And Ima be the king of every nation Im gone
(Hook x2)
These haters stalking, but all I hear is dial tones
You got something to say thats what I thought bro