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In Flames Dial 595-Escape Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2010 11:00:00 AM

Could it be a new day?
Fear in me so deep
You push me out, I feel far
The absence, close to me
The otherside I crawl
You push me out, I fall

Heal my wounds with everything
Away you complicate me
Sick of cycles, drop to zero
A while just like last times
My least favourite re-run
Sick of cycles, I bounce in grey

Escape familiar home
Memories remain alone
Reality trapped inside
The wicked descend - I hide

Testing higher mentality
I conquer myself through this
A furious path to walk
New space does exist beyond
In silence I dwell
Remain with the seed of unfulfilment

"Try to remove obstacles as they appear" my master said
"Don't look too far, you'll stumble before you're even there"

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El Specatularrr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/10

Not sure which of these lyrics are correct or not, but I know for a fact that the song is about masturbating while on tour. Anders gave a quick overview about it at one of their shows I was at. Awesome. Enjoy.

Hmmmm | Reviewer: Sy | 8/27/08

Lyrics these days, particularly with metal songs like this're kinda arbitrary anyway. There're many ways these lyrics could be interperated. To me, they strike some kinda relevancy to relationship related discord. Either way, 'tis a cool song, I really like the crunchiness in the guitars in the chorus. (Although, I gotta admit, the mastering and production on this album was a bit thin in my personal oppinion... the EQ's out, it sounds a bit thin on most speakers!)

Great song | Reviewer: Ben | 9/30/07

The lyrics aren't a 'song filler' they actually mean something to him personally, and he's speaking for a lot of people, he's talking about inner struggle (some of In Flames more recent work) I relate this to past love but Anders might have his own feelings for the song, it's just what relates to you.
He speaks for a majority, long live In Flames.

Excellent | Reviewer: Papucs | 5/10/07

This is an excellent song, my favorite from In Flames in fact. I transcribed the song's drum part using Sibelius (so I can practice it), and was looking up the lyrics to put into the final score as a reminder... but it seems the lyrics are just used as filler in this song, because they don't make much sense :)

Nevertheless, it's a great song and I'm going to play it a lot.