Diabolicum Albums

  • The Dark Blood Rising Album (3/15/2001)
    March Of The Misanthrope
    Heavens Die
    The Hatecrowned Retaliation
    The War Tide (All Out Genocide)
    The Dark Blood Rising
    Sound The Horns Of Reprisal
    The Song Of Suffering (Eleven Blades Of Darkness)
    Into The Dementia
    The Nemesis Speaks...

  • The Grandeur Of Hell Album (3/15/1999)
    The Grandeur Of Hell (Monoloch) Intro
    Chained On Demonwings
    The Wind Shall Slay
    Serenade Of The Imperial Darkness
    Infernalord (The Prey Of Blacksouls)
    The Moon With Thousand Shapes
    Reaper Of The Orb
    Perished (The Manifistation Of Suicide)
    Her Divine Hatred (Tiamat)
    Evocation (Longing For Armageddon) Outro

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