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Shakira Dia Especial Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2010 11:00:00 AM

Yo no sé si es muy tarde para ti,
Quiero desafiar la comodidad
No nos sirve más fingir

Yo no sé cuán efímero es tu error,
Ya te perdoné
Adelanté las agujas del reloj

La lágrima secó,
Se aleja el temporal,
Latiendo como el sol,
Mi corazón no tiene edad
Para esperarte

Éste es un día especial,
Quiero creer en otra oportunidad.
Dimos un salto mortal,
Y hoy vuelvo a ver
un faro en la oscuridad

Ya no estoy tan confusa como ayer,
Solo la ilusión trae desilusión,
Y es tan fácil de caer

Un mundo en que creí,
Lo eterno y lo fugaz,
Prefiero darle fin aunque me ocultes la verdad,
más vulnerable

Latiendo como el sol
Mi corazón no tiene edad...(aah, ooh)

Día especial, Aaah ooh ahh ahh

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Magic ! | Reviewer: JellyBean | 10/26/10

To me this song means ALOT !
eventhough I don't understand the meaning of it
... the melody and shakira's Voice and accent played a huge role I think , you can love this song even without knowing what the lyrics mean ...
however I was so eager to translate it , and when I did I seriously fell deep for it .

One of my favorite song | Reviewer: Diego Rosas | 2/19/09

I believe her lyrics in Spanish are more powerful than her albums in English, you can tell that just by this song which it was in one of her first albums in Spanish. Overall, I love her music, and some days I can listen to her albums(English or Spanish) all day long. She's an amazing artist, and with Mr. Cerati, they just went all that way.

uplifting.. | Reviewer: T. Schmidt | 10/12/07

i heard this song the first time live... at the live earth concert in germany. I had never known shakira could sing that well.. it was very inspiring and uplifting.. especially coz it was live.. i dont speak spanish.. but i understood half of it just by listening...

sweeps your feet off the ground for a second in the day | Reviewer: Annika | 11/10/05

muy bien! it's a great song, and i hope it will get known among the people. it has a great sound and the lyrics in spanish isn't bad either! better knowtification around the world thank you! :) it's a song that get you in the mood for happiness and joy, it just sweeps your feet off the ground for a while! just give it a chance to embrace you!