DevilDriver Lyrics

"DevilDriver" is the name witches give to the bells they
use to drive away evil when casting their spells. But the
DevilDriver we speak of is a band.

DevilDriver is not Dez Fafara's first band. In fact, the
singer has been toiling in the trenches of the music
industry since 1994, having sold well over a million albums
worldwide, having appeared on nine soundtracks, and having
spent countless years on the road playing hundreds of
With DevilDriver, Fafara feels he has reached the point of
sonic nirvana, where DevilDriver is More...

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Review about DevilDriver songs
occasional thoughts of suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sin & Sacrifice performed by DevilDriver

Its not very often that I get to say a metal song describes my life, because usually the lyrics are about murder or some allusion to a theory or higher power or personalized event. This song exactly describes my life though, especially the part about occasional thoughts of suicide but feeling fine. Trying to change some things but some habits are hard to break....

Could care less? | Reviewer: grammarnazi
    ------ About the song I Could Care Less performed by DevilDriver

You know, the phrase "I could care less" means the opposite of what is intended.

Saying "I could care less" means that it is possible for one to care less; i.e. One does care.

The correct phrasing is "I couldn't care less", meaning that it is not possible for one to care less; i.e. One does not care at all.

Americans quite frequently get this wrong.

I believe in DevilDriver!! | Reviewer: Amber B
    ------ About the song Sin & Sacrifice performed by DevilDriver

This song definatly describes the most realistic view on so many of our lives. I honestly feel as if this song was writen for me, along with many DD songs. This one especially helped me understand that im not alone in my battles thru life. Thank you DD for helping me thru some really rough times. Your music has opened my eyes and ears to some of the most intelligent, meaningfull, and amazing music and lyrics I have ever really understood! If you ever have a chance to see a DD show GO!! Best time of my life

Rustle For Me Jimmys | Reviewer: Jimmy Rustler
    ------ About the song Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned) performed by DevilDriver

Awesome songs. Great depth. Sounding Rough. Heavy. Brutal. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress songs or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' rough, heavy, brutal and loud you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

correction | Reviewer: Harris
    ------ About the song I Dreamed I Died performed by DevilDriver

@heretic drummer, first off devildriver arent melodic death metal, how did you come up with that i mean noone in the band plays keyboard lol, second, there is no such genre as rap metal, but nu metal imo is the genre that bands get throwen into when they dont fit into any other genre, slipknot, korn, ect, and in the nu metal genre youl find 3 bands who excessively use/used rap vocals, these bands are obviously, linkin park, limp bizkit and hollywood undead,they arent the only in the nu metal genre to use but those are (in my opinoin) the three most famous, and people hear rap and metal they put two and two together you get the false sub sub genre rap metal, thirdly in this song you cant deny, dez has made some hybrid of growling and rap vocals, its got the fast paced but bouncyness of rap eith the little pauses inbetween certain bits, but at the same time it has the low agressive growl to it aswell as the screams, rant over.

Another review | Reviewer: Justin
    ------ About the song Sin & Sacrifice performed by DevilDriver

This band fascinates me. The music is awesome, yes. But the content of the lyrics is so heavy. They seem to have music that appeals to Christians and non-Christians alike. The theme of judgement and sin is throughout many of their songs, such as this one, The Fury, and The Axe Shall Fall. Then they have songs such as I Dreamed I died, which could be perceived as satanic. Not in the sense of devil worship, but in the sense of working hard and doing the best you can to get to heaven, or your own heaven, however one might view it. Again...fascinated, incredibly dark but uplifting music at times.

gwjn.mgjt | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Clouds Over California performed by DevilDriver

this song like other devildriver works is a master piece.yet most people would rather listen to hanna montana or justin bieber.i mean i know people are different and shit.but any body who dislikes devildriver or any other metal band has to be stupid.

Uhhhh | Reviewer: nataS
    ------ About the song Grinfucked performed by DevilDriver

Matt, this songs about being lied to by someone who acts like they like you, they lie through their teeth. "lights on but no ones home" is a phrase used to describe someone who isnt all there, nothing to do with an actual house...

Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Could Care Less performed by DevilDriver

As with all DD songs, it just, touches something deep down. That, primitive animal? Spark of Satan? The anger deep within. Music and lyrics like this, pulls the cover from over my eyes and shows me the real world everytime I listen. SlipKnoT does it most (and no, I'm not a rat kid, emo or anything like that. I like SlipKnoT because how deep and meaningful their lyrics are). Amazing songs.

cool song | Reviewer: jorn
    ------ About the song I Dreamed I Died performed by DevilDriver

this song is so cool,.. i'm learning to perform this on guitar now,.. now the text by heart by now,.. and i think that at least some people here thought more about the lyrics then the devildriver-crew itself...
it's just a story about what happened when he died in his dream... for a little fun, yes, a little fun... tip; don't take every lyric to serious...

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