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Bruce Springsteen Devil's Arcade Lyrics

Last updated: 01/30/2009 10:00:00 AM

Remember the morning we dug up your gun
The worms in the barrel, the hanging sun
Those first nervous evenings of perfume and gin
The lost smell on your breath as I helped you get it in
The rush of your lips, the feel of your name
The beat in your heart, the devil's arcade

You said "Heroes are needed, so heroes get made"
Somebody made a bet, somebody paid
The cool desert morning and nothing to save
Just metal and plastic where your body caved
The slow games of poker with Lieutenant Ray
In the ward with the blue walls, a sea with no name
Where you lie adrift with the heroes of the devil's arcade

You sleep and you dream, your buddies Charlie and James
And wake with a thick desert dust on your skin


Voice says "don't worry, I'm here
Just whisper the word tomorrow in my ear"
House on a quiet street, a home for the brave
A glorious kingdom with the sun on your face
Rising from a long night as dark as the grave
On a thin chain of next moments and something like faith
On a morning to order a breakfast to make
A bed draped in sunshine, a body that waits
For the touch of your fingers, the end of the day
The beat of your heart, the beat of your heart
The beat of your heart, the beat of your heart
The beat of your heart, the beat of her heart
The beat of your heart, the slow burning away
Of the bitter fires of the devil's arcade

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Lawl Iraq | Reviewer: PJ | 1/22/2008

The war that is the beating underlying tone to the boss' words is really in your mind, and the battlefield we fight in our hearts with something darker that steals our souls away one sin at a time. Call it what you will, bruce calls the battlefield the devil's arcade. After the instrumental intermission this man takes us on a journey out of the depths into a sky of fire. Given the mass media, music, and the arts of this day and age there is so much to get lost in. Just as he spoke of in "devils and dust" he speaks of the honest people making a rightous stand, now he tells you how and why, making in my oppinion this the best written song documenting our internal struggles along the journey home.