Dethklok Lyrics

The Band

Very little is known about the band’s history. When the
series began, they were already extremely popular, so the
band’s actual rise to fame is never explored. It is never
explained how they met, when the band formed, or how many
albums they have made.

Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion, Born in Florida to Oscar and Rose
Explosion, Nathan Explosion is the lead singer and the
lyrical visionary of Dethklok. He didn’t learn to speak
until he was almost five years old. In high school, the
only things he was good at were frog More...

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Review about Dethklok songs
amazing | Reviewer: nick doompower
    ------ About the song Blazing Star performed by Dethklok

this song as most people know apears in the klok opera. thi is personaly one of my favs. i interpret the songs beutiful melodies and driveing chords and orcherian elements to be notheing short of a materpeice. and he lyrics are insane. aight peace

dethklok the hardest metal band to exist | Reviewer: Wade
    ------ About the song Murmaider performed by Dethklok

Dude I dont remember when I discovered this song but I've listened to this song and watched the video on youtube countless times. I work out to it and dammit Im proud to admit I listen to a wicked metal song about mermaids. Unreal song with some of the catchiest lyrics and riffs Ive heard.

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