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Jeff Buckley Despite the tears Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2000 01:31:37 AM

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This song is contained in Seedy Arkhestra's album Puzzle. Jeff plays lead guitar and sings backing vocals.

He found a letter from his lover
She said she's never coming home
His things were lying on her doorstep
And his tears they fell like rain
And in his mind, he knew
He'd love her always

Despite the tears

And in his town where few knew love
He'd spend his nights all alone, crying
And all the love he'd once shared with her
Was gone, long, long, long gone
And he knew a part of him was dying

And in his mind
He knew he'd love her always

Despite the tears

Don't cry, dont'cry, don't cry
Lover we tried, we tried, we tried

And in his mind he knew he'd love her always

Despite the tears

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