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Avril Lavigne Despise You Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2005 11:00:00 AM

Please go away,
leave me alone.
To you I have nothing to say,
my voice has no tone.

I'd rather be there,
because you're here.
Whatever, I dont care,
because of you there was a tear.

No one cares about me,
no one needs me.
But dont you see,
I do whatever you do to me.

Do you hate me,
cuz I know I hate you.
Thats why I want you to stay away from me,
You weren't the only one that I knew.

Don't try to touch my feelings.
Don't try to see whats on my mind.
Cuz the last thing I'd do is let you
back in my life. I despise you...

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wOw | Reviewer: ally | 5/1/2007

I just want to start by saying WoW.. i fell the same way.. i know people hate me because i hate them but there are some people i dont hate and they think i hate them. I am a meen girl i get a long with some people but most of the time i am fighting with people.. i hered this song and thught wow. this is sooo FUCKING ME.. Man,. But Avril you ROCK dont change and if people say crap about you that is bad bloe it off you sholder. who cares they will go away.. it will be ALRIGHT..
well your hope to be friend..

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