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Time and time again
I stand at the crossroad
Where the weight of my burden
Eclipses my resolve
This broken path I've chosen
I walk it alone
Though I feel forgotten
You've carved my name in stone

In these desperate times
This I plead
When all else fails
Remember me

This is daily crucifixion
And these rusty nails leave scars
My jagged crown is on my side
Because it never fell

In these desperate times
This I plead
When all else fails
Remember me

This is a blood-oath
They are nothing to me anymore
But your voice means more to me than you'll ever know

There's no question
You're the answer
I will find you...

In these desperate times
This I plead
When all fails
Remember me
In these desperate times
This I plead
When all fails
Remember me

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Find your own meaning in it... | Reviewer: Luis | 7/11/12

The beauty of this song is that it's vague so you can put yourself in it... Love, religion, what ever you want... I'm over coming addiction and i this inspires me to continue my fight not only for me but for my girlfriend who left me until i get clean...

KSE | Reviewer: Aldo z. | 6/11/12

This a great song. I played it in church with my band and the whole church loved it. We had to put up lyrics with a projector cause some Cant understand the song cause of some screaming and growling. Great song by the way. Cant wait for there New album this year! 2012

Rooted In A Book | Reviewer: Danny | 8/29/11

I'm not sure how many of you have ever read the book Pilgrim's Progress, but this song, to be honest, seems to draw heavily from it. From the referrence to the burden to leaving all behind to the crown of thorns... Just sayin'.

to me it's not religeouse | Reviewer: steve | 3/19/11

to me it's about a person,in these desperate times remember me,when he says theres no question,your the answer i will find you that is clearly about a person,ie a loved one.i don't see how soo many people think that almost every song has something to do with christ

there is no argument | Reviewer: Smarter than everyone else who is arguing | 10/11/10

there is no argument its talking about the hopelessness of the world but following the good lord who gives a hope despite being beaten down... its flipping an amazing song... its a very encouraging song

Uhm.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

Why is it on nearly every metal song I see. there's always an argument about whether or not the band or the song have roots in a religion or not?
Guys. just leave it. You don't know, nor can you argue, if the song was based off faith. Give it a rest.

christian or not? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

True, Killswitch engage do NOT anounce themselves as a christian band, BUT the members of killswitch engage are christian and when they went on tour with underoath, underoath had bible studies in which some members of KSE did attend too. They DO NOT reconize themselves as a christian band because of their fans. They're afriad if they come out with the the band being known as a christian band or become known as christian metal, they will lose fans, but many songs of theirs do relate to christian beliefs and some members are christian to clear things up.

Music as a Weapon | Reviewer: | 2/28/10

Whatever, I have personally heard them on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS SAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Don't even try to tell me no, believe me when I say I know just about everything when it comes to Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, or Pantera, I can prove you all wrong in the long run. Oh, and I hope Howard's back gets better soon so they can get Phil Labonte out of there!

yeah | Reviewer: jess | 1/20/10

this song has everything to do with christ. meaning, he made the wrong decision, and path for himself.. so now the only thing left is to follow his voice and he's telling all the ones that he's leaving behind not to forget him, because he won't forget them, its kind of like saying, i fucked up and i'm sorry, but don't forget me. and, no i do NOT think all of them are religious, i saw them in august, and they did not once make me believe that they were religious. they didn't say God Bless.. thanks.

Ahoosooow | Reviewer: Warhead | 1/13/10

Howard's not talking about a love he lost, HE DOESN'T EVEN WRITE THE SONGS! The closest song to that is STARTING OVER, great song BTW! Anyway, it does have meaning towards Christ. As we all should know, they used to be a Christian band. They have carried that on today because they all believe in GOD, they just have different RELIGIONS, so they can NOT claim one FAITH! WHY DO YOU THINK THEY TELL THE CROWD " GOD BLESS YOU" AFTER THEIR SHOWS!?

Love Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

This song doesn't have to do with Christ. That is simply a metaphor for the pain and anguish he goes through everyday without the love of his life. It may refer to the pain Christ went through being cruxified, but that doesn't mean he is saying these things about Christ.

Christ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

Apparently Christ is rooted into the lyrics. These nails that scar, this jagged crown in my side. Christ hands pounded with nails, and the thorn of crowns forced into and onto his head. He is the answer and his voice means more than you'll ever know.

Lyrics 10/10 | Reviewer: Wolf | 3/5/08

One of the best songs ive heard in a while. . Breathtaking lyrics. . Wonder where the inspiration 4 the song came from and what went through his head when he was writing the song. . . But its awesome! It keeps me going. . . This is as close as it gets to perfection. .

This song rocks! | Reviewer: AJ O. | 9/3/07

This song is so awesome! It really encourages me, and i love the whole songs sound! Yet another masterpiece by KSE

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