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With that tongue-in-cheek battle cry, the nerdsome
foursome declared their war against mediocrity. Fueled by
the omni-ambitious doctrine of ALL (not ALL the band...
that comes later the concept, based on the TOTAL EXTENT,
the peak of pinnacles) and a series of caffeine binges, the
essences of punk and pop were percolated together in a way
that has yet to be recreated, though many have died trying.
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Review about Descendents songs
the perfect words for the lousiest pain | Reviewer: Miss Karyn the Old School girl
    ------ About the song Here With Me performed by Descendents

seriously, if you don't know the Descendents, get to know them quickly. This song, like so many of their songs, hit you right in the heart. it's catchy, sad, and succinct. The Descendents are perfect,Milo's plaintive voice is perfect, if you are hurting, listen to them. you'll feel better. or worse in a good way.

Kabuki | Reviewer: Zach
    ------ About the song Kabuki Girl performed by Descendents

Am I the only one that wonders where they're coming from with this song? Like, Kabuki is traditionally men dressed as females, is the song intended as a joke, or is this based on a real incident? "You'll probably stab me in the back, but that's a chance I'm gonna take" is clearly acknowledging the fact that Kabuki Girl might have a penis. Are any of the members gay/bi?

Hi | Reviewer: I love food
    ------ About the song I Like Food performed by Descendents

Whenever I look in the mirror. I see a reflection. Sometimes it's my own. I have a dog. One time I saw a cat. There's a rock through that window. Who made up windows, I wonder? A window is a rectangle. I don't really like rectangles, they seem a little mischievous. Squares are better. Squares seem nice. You should ask me about my attention deficit disorder! I like food. Hi.

5/01/12 | Reviewer: Nathan Borge
    ------ About the song This Place performed by Descendents

Good Song, pretty obvious meaning though, it's about being in a place, that sucks. It might be about being in school or being at a job. I'm not 100 percent sure, it's one of the two.

classic | Reviewer: Jeff Fallert
    ------ About the song We performed by Descendents

this is one of those songs that makes you wonder why Greenday became huge and the Descendents are a cult band. Perfect power pop/punk song, great hook, great lyrics, and wonderful performance. This is from what should've been the breakthrough album for them, but everyone was focused on Seattle. It still sounds new to me when I listen to it. The Descendents might be destined to be the influence of many of the big bands, much like Big Star was... a shame really, they should be lauded over. Incredible band, wonderful songs.

Jean is Dead | Reviewer: Nidreth Morales
    ------ About the song Jean Is Dead performed by Descendents

Wake up early, mad at you
Got to school but where are you?
You should have told me
I should have known
But now you're gone
I'm alone
Your mother told me
Last night on the phone
why'd you do it
Now I'm alone
I would have helped you
I would have done anything
I would have taken you with me
Or bought you a ring, but
Now you're gone and, I'm alone!

sweet | Reviewer: lexi
    ------ About the song I Like Food performed by Descendents

the descendents pretty much own yer mom. the end. TBS just covered this song. and their version is gheyy. descendents REALLY honestly pwn.

Silly Girl | Reviewer: Dennis Heckard
    ------ About the song Silly Girl performed by Descendents

My band Undr Society Recently decided to play this song and at first I didnt really Know the song at all or waht it was about i was just tought how to play it and i listened to it a few times and then came on here to make sure i got the words right and i personally find it to be a awesome song about what sseems to be young love and teh word making you change i give it a thumbs up.


excellent | Reviewer: cox 666
    ------ About the song Coolidge performed by Descendents

Emotional, still oldskool punk rock, good message, good circle pit off-beat. Excellant one of thier true songs to show growth since 81. Rock on niggas

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