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One of Des'ree's lesser known records is one of her most
telling. It's the record she's held at Sony S2 since 1992
for the least amount of time ever between a demo tape
arriving on a desk and hitting the shops as a d├ębut single.
The record stands at twelve weeks. All it took was twelve
weeks to become a major recording artist.

"Feel So High", taken from the album "Mind Adventures" the
track that kicked the notoriously unhurried wheels of a
major label into accelerated motion was a hit all over the
world. The electrifying rate of its More...

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Review about Des'ree songs
Des'ree's Life is for real! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Life performed by Des'ree

What crazy lyrics! Wonder what she has on her toast - marmalade, maybe? Des'ree did more for me than I understand. She has a lovely voice and somehow puts an extra dimension in those crazy lyrics.

love | Reviewer: maungo
    ------ About the song Kissing You performed by Des'ree

this song brings joy to my heart. every time I hear it my hair squeezes a reminds me of the importance of loving one another. thank you for this song.. we really enjoy listening to it here in Africa.

Happier Now - NZ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You Gotta Be performed by Des'ree

Thank you Des'ree for a song that has come from the heart. I listened to this song during the darkest days in my life (suffering from clinical depression) and now (that my mind is clearer) I can see why it had such a positive impact on my illness. Thank God for people like you in the world. Happier now.

Makes me cry.... | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song Kissing You performed by Des'ree

This was the song I walked down the aisle to. I cried then and it still brings tears to my eyes. It's such a beautiful song. I can't think of a better song that represents real, true love better than this.

its good but nt really | Reviewer: philstolution
    ------ About the song Life performed by Des'ree

yeah..i can say that this song is so fantastic but the rhymes is nt on the right situation and she tryd to give us..what shez trying to say..but all i can say pick it up bbygal..i love your song verry much but pick it up and write intresting lyrics.:

The Dragon's Reveiw | Reviewer: Aussie Dragon
    ------ About the song You Gotta Be performed by Des'ree

Awesome song. Saw some kids perform it at the Cairns Eisteddfodd (Is that how you spell it?) and had to find the lyrics. [Note to the writer: More emphasis in the chorus.] That's the only change I have to make, so it must be good! (LOL XD) The Dragon's Affirmative.

My own thoughts... | Reviewer: Cris
    ------ About the song Kissing You performed by Des'ree

I love this song - and everytime I hear it - it pains me so. I think of God's love for mankind and how destitute we would all be without his Love for us. It's probably one of the most heartfelt songs I've ever heard and it's out there as my favourite. Love Des'ree's - this girl's voice suits this song - haven't heard Beyonce's version and I am not going to google it either....Why fix something that ain't broken?!

    ------ About the song Life performed by Des'ree

Any one who says desree's song is poor must be artistically virgin. Art is about expressing what one feels. The melody is fantastic and very sober. Negative comments about this song leaves me wondering what humans really want. I hear noise everyday and people applaud that. Let us learn to give credit where it is due. Oh Desree how i love your song!

wish you nothing but best of you | Reviewer: ami
    ------ About the song Kissing You performed by Des'ree

I loved Des'ree voice then Beyonece's. Because Des''ree reminder me the love I couldn't have since another lady she paid much more then me. I wish the best since we better not connecting anymore. Thank you for you everything, If you happy then I happy, I deserved.

kissing you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kissing You performed by Des'ree

Im sorry but I love Beyonce's version better. This is a beautiful song on its own but the way Beyonce sings it and the words she uses expresses how I feel about my fiance. Tears fell from my eyes when I heard it. He's my everything.

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