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FORMED: 1980, Basildon, England

Composition of Sound was formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex,
by guitarist/vocalists Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore and
keyboardist Vince Clarke. After recruiting David Gahan, the
group abandoned their guitars for synthesizers, changed the
band's name, and became an all-electronic band entitled
Depeche Mode. For this unusual approach, Depeche Mode
earned a loyal London following, and within a year of their
formation, were signed to Mute Records. Depeche Mode's
first single "Dreaming of Me" was a minor More...

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Review about Depeche Mode songs
Is it alice? | Reviewer: Serhat
    ------ About the song Little 15 performed by Depeche Mode

I have been listening to DP for 8 years. And after long long research this song makes more than dave's sister (RIP) it is like an list of word that alice may be thinking while rolling through the hole :)

Hope Gahan will not read this comment and remembers his sorrow with my stupid fiction of the awesome song

Flawless | Reviewer: Liliana Braga
    ------ About the song The Love Thieves performed by Depeche Mode

What can I say about this song...?
There are no words tp describe this atmosphere...
Thank you DM, for this perfect gift.
Martyn is ahead of this time an David as a holy and unique voice...
You make me believe that its possible to hear Gods language...

Thank God for Martin Gore | Reviewer: Veronica
    ------ About the song The Love Thieves performed by Depeche Mode

Oh my God!!!! Martin is an absolute unique genius and such a magical poet!!!! HE is a modern day half Shakespeare half Budelaire artist.. so full of love soul and tragedy just like Life is... his words and imagery are unbelievable in all songs!!! His way of seeing people and valuing feelings is realistic yet hopeful, crude but still tender.... THIS is one of my fav songs indeed. Love u MARTIN thank God for your gift! :* ♥★♥★

No God just Heaven | Reviewer: John Honeywell
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Depeche Mode

This song is about the moment you realize there is no God - only people. Heaven is when two people find each other and fall in love - their souls embrace and time seems to stand still. Mixing some fantastic God in this beautiful song is just sacrilege! Only faith I have is for Depeche Mode and the human creative force.

Once again, the magic of the dudes from DM | Reviewer: Miguel
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Depeche Mode

I listen to it..again and again! I like it very much! and yes, every will is surrended to God! and the only God is the Lord. Thank you DM for the entire another jewel!!

Quintessentially Alone | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Waiting for the Night performed by Depeche Mode

Of all the many wonderful songs that DM has created, this is the one I enjoy most. It reveals my inner sadness and let's me see that there is faith in death. I hope it is the last song I hear...

Who's the sinner? | Reviewer: Vincent Vega
    ------ About the song The Sinner In Me performed by Depeche Mode

The lyrics has nothing to do with god, sin or religion. The sinner is the crave for drugs. Those of us who's struggling to avoid drugs has this dark "inner voice" we have to fight to stay sober.

Which Heaven? | Reviewer: thematrix
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Depeche Mode

Surrender to "your will?" I though the song was about heaven. Would you not then be surrendering to His will and not your own if you were thinking that you would be going to heaven? In light of your song "Blasphemous Rumors" and "Black Celebration," where are you planning on "guiding the herd?"

Food for thought...please stop deceiving the masses!

Best hidden track off Violator | Reviewer: MAXIMUS
    ------ About the song Clean performed by Depeche Mode

This song speaks to all the drug and alcohol addicts. It tells a tale repeated by all of us. We get better and enjoy being "clean", but it isn't perfect. We slip, fall backwards, and then regain our footing. As others of said, the lyric "Sometimes..." really helps us identify with our imperfections.

I like this song but to the idiot who mentioned breaking benjamin... | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Enjoy the Silence performed by Depeche Mode

Obviously the person who said this song can't be compared to ''Breaking Benjamin'' is obviously a fucking idiot, Depeche Mode is a way better band than.... uh who are we talking about. Whatever though, cool song.

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