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This weight is so unbearable caving my lungs
All my life seems to be flashing in front of my eyes(In front of my eyes)
Run away from all the pain-all the pain of life

Run away from all the pain of life

Ways of devotion turn to obsession open your eyes
I want you to see what you've done to me crying out those eyes
Run away from all the pain-all the pain of life

Run away run from all the pain of life
Bring my end to an end

Distance yourself from the pain that covers me
I reach out for your hand to find there's nothing left for me

Razors kiss the vein overdose for pain
A 12 gauge cross to the forehead a savior in a shell

Sever me from the fall
Fuck the people, Fuck the world, Fuck it all
Open my arms
Bleed out the flood
In crimson I begin to drown (X2)

Run away from all the pain of life
Bring my end to an end

Distance yourself from the pain that covers me
I reach out for your hand to find there's nothing left for me (X2)

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<3 | Reviewer: Turns | 5/1/12

I think this song is perfect, it speaks volumes and the lyrics are so brilliantly performed. It has, and possibly always will be my favourite Trivium song, they are so talented and this is the epitome of a well composed metal song.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Spartan | 3/27/11

the lyrics for this song are just amazing. has to be one of the best songs on accendency (By far one of my most prized cd's)

Great lyrics, great guitar, great drums, and a near perfect ballance of heafys amazing singing vocals and screaming vocals. I'd love trivium to keep matching this standard

umm <3 | Reviewer: Jordan | 6/14/10

um trivium is gonna be one of the elite metal/metalcore bands in the future (if they arent already) i enjoy all of their songs especailly the songs where Heafy shows off his amazing vocals for example this song, like light to the flies when he sings his voice is just so powerful and he probably has one of the best singing voices in metal/metalcore music today. Great song Trivium. Ascendancy was by far their best album so far Crusade kind of sucked but iam glad they rebounded with shogun and ascendancy trivium is definetly a superior band. Great work!

Deep meaning | Reviewer: MyrnaMetalblade | 4/26/10

Wow, this song has a deeo meaning, like, emotional like.. Thing. I can't explain but it feels so.. right in some of my situaties in past.

This part..
I reach out fo
r your hand to find there's nothing left for me
Razors kiss the vein overdose for pain

Oh gawd, how did they create something so.. How to explain. Real-life-like-feeling.

TRIVIUM FTW! | Reviewer: kay | 4/4/10

This song is a sick composition, it pours out talent. trivium is a kick ass METAL band not F-in emo......emo isnt even a genre its a gay fagget style, to people catergorising it as emo, go slit your wrists a bit more. TRIVIUM RULE!

Awesome song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/10

alright, to the idiots who are "OMG TRIVIUM ROCKS SHUT THE HELL UP" and arguing with the person who dissed them, maybe you guys should shut up, and stop proving his point. I agree, trivium is an amazing young band, with a shitload of talent, but, still, you guys don't need to have coronary's if somebody talks shit about them. Jesus christ, guys. Anyway, this song rocks, amazing lyrics.

Excellent. | Reviewer: Frankie | 11/6/09

This is one of those songs (in my opinion) that are not noticed right away by the usual listeners; one of the best songs on the album :]

The lyrics are just plain awesome and the instrumentals blend perfectly.

Trivium is not emo, they are metal. "Emo" isn't even a music genre, it's an immature stereotype.

meow | Reviewer: + Synthetic - Shelbz + | 8/15/09

We obviously all like this band, because they are fucking awesome, but theres no need for argueing with each other. Haha
But i must argue that Trivium isn't a emo band.
Obviously if you weren't such a moron, you would notice their genre' is metal, and anybody can listen to them not just emos or metalheads or goths...etc

TRIVIUM!! | Reviewer: Braedon | 7/25/09

I think anyone who says that trivium is emo, is gay. it takes TRUE skill to be able to scream and sing like that, and his lyrics are realistic, unlike most other asshole bands who sing about LIES. Matthew Kiichi Heafy and Corey Beaulieu are fucking GODS at guitar! Travis Smith is one of the best drummers EVER and Paolo Gregoletto is probably the best metal bassist in the fucking world. -ANYONE THAT HATES TRIVIUM IS ON MY HITLIST!-

Trivium are awesome | Reviewer: Dylan | 7/12/09

to the fuckin idiot that said Trivium lick sack:

how fucking stupid are you?
just because it's not all that fake shit about bitches and hoes, just because it actually takes talent and has some fucking emotion in it doesn't mean it is gay.. go fuck yourself up the arse, since you clearly seem to be quite fond of the idea.

Trivium!!!!! | Reviewer: Metal Master | 6/24/09

This song is fucking awesome! this is the first song from trivium i heard... and its the best, its what got me into listening to trivium!!!

..!..(-.-)..!.. to the guy who said trivium is for emo/gothic people... it isint, its for people who like to listen to musicians with some real skill unlike those fucking fake ass retarded rapping basterds


Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/09

Trivium is fucking sick, the contrast between heafy's voices is a great part of what Trivium is and i am happy to see they found that balance for Shogun after the Crusade that felt a bit "unnatural". This song blows me everytime i hear it, i can't hear it enough.

sweet song | Reviewer: joe | 3/17/08

This is the best trivium song ever. The acoustic guitar near the end is so awesome and mat heafy is an amazing singer/screamer and they are both exellent guitarist's. Whoever thinks trivium sucks is a douche bag and just because you dont like them doesnt mean they suck!

Perfect | Reviewer: Julian Budd | 1/15/08

This song is great other than one bit in the middle (2:36 - 3:04) i love th end especially because even though i cant scream I can sing at least a part of the song. Trivium is a great band with an extraordinary amount of skill in blending sceam with sing and metal with melody.

Awesome stuff.

wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

why is everyone so angry take a break its just a band and i like them too but theres no reason to be so wierd like u are all being now aye its like wtf get a life and dnt let music controll it like u are now....

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