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Red Descending Departure Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

Light fades
And the mind begins to change
Eyes sink
The void to begin a new day

Dreaming of the heavens
Your body takes your mind
To unimaginable places
Skipping forward in time

Your lifelong ambition
Your constant thought patterns end
The reason you lived
(And the reason you died)
The reason why you were sent:

Is the image you see
So perfectly real
So perfectly flawed

Is the face you see so young? twisted visions inside
Is the face you see a complete utter fantasy?

Breathe deep
For this is your last breath
Now sleep
This dream will help you mend
A moment of closure
Your lips form a smile
Living in vein
Now a forgotten cry

Are the eyes you've seen; are they crying?
Been in misery? are they dead?
Can you ever say they were yours?
In the life you lived

Just hold onto the beauty
Hold onto the thought
The beauty which you felt
Was the desire you lost
Your happiness for a moment
Is all that you did ask
You received it leaving this world
Departure worth the Earth

Is the image you see
So perfectly real?
Or is it perfectly flawed?

Is the image you see?
So perfectly real?
Or is it just a dream? complete fantasy