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Offspring Denial, Revisited Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

So here we go
Having the same old fight again
There she goes
Same old game that never ends If I could say
The right words
I know I could make you stay
If I could say
The right words
Things would work out all right

And if you go
I won't believe
That it's forever

And you can go
But I'll never leave
Cause it's not over

Replay last night
Talking it out don't make it right
I know she's tried, but my whole world
Is her and all we've got now

And if you go
I won't believe
That it's forever

I won't let go
Even if she say that it's over
I know it'll be
Different this time
If you'd just stay

And when we wrote this story
How did it end?
It was you and me for all our lives
Come on, don?t say it
We'll try again
And if I'd just hold you
We could last

But she stands softly
Tears down her face
Hitting me, oh god
This is the end
I'd wait here for you
But there's nothing more now I can do
How did you know
How did you know
How did you know

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stupid | Reviewer: angie | 7/29/11

my bestfriend and her bf broke up. she posted this song on her fb wall not realising the true lyrics. shes dumb. he thinks she still loves him and wants to get back together. idiot. lesson: do not post shit on ur fb wall without knowing the lyrics. bye.

What it revisits in me | Reviewer: Elliot | 9/13/10

They lyrics for this song tell an inner conflict story. It hits so deep with me that I literally tear up when hearing the very end. "But she stands softly Tears down her face Hitting me, oh God This is the end And I'm waiting for you But there's nothing more now i can do"

Holy crap that hits deep. I don't know about most people but when you face a bad unexpected break up and you listen to this song it will literally drown you in emotions. I'm a big man and I don't like sappy songs like this normally but this one cut to the core more than any song ever written by anyone ever.

ya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

ive been listening o the offspring since i was 4, have every guitar tab book, every one of there cds, never really liked this song much. but i love it now, my girlfriend broke up with me for christmas and this song fits it perfectly.
now i love it.
and if you go, i wnt believe, that its forever...

<3 | Reviewer: Triel | 10/11/09

I love this song, it's absolutely beautiful. It gives hope that even if everything seems to be finished between me and my ex, there's still a chance that we won't forget each other. And that we'll try again... "I know it'll be different this time if you'd just stay".
Love. Love is so... ridiculous.

i disagree | Reviewer: Natt | 3/23/08

i would class the offspring more as punk/pop punk/skate punk than i would alternative. i never understood the genre "alternative". is it just a blanket term for anything that doesnt fit snugly into a different genre?
but agreed, GREAT song.

Matured Offspring | Reviewer: Mayank Bharati | 11/20/07

I think this is the 6th Album of the band, after Americana. The Band is Still the champ of Alternative. The good rythym of this song and lyrics makes it much better. Sounds like they are now mature.

"Living in chaos" and Vultures are other good song of the album.

I love offspring and one good thing about the band is you dont have to skip any song. All the songs are good to hear and you can find Melody in all songs.

Reccomended for those who r new to alternative. A good band to start listening Alternative.