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Koldborn Demonride Lyrics

Last updated: 03/25/2003 12:49:00 AM

Come ride the demon with me

Sent is the one who commands you to do
The acts of a mind that'll ravage your kind

A perfect creation is all that I am
No lusts to corrupt gained will of the damned

Gather, exist, come, join, rise
In demanding quests
Come ride this demon - take my hand
Entangled in my sins - surrender, fulfill my bidding
Ride the demon with me

Tragedies impend
Savage souls are sent
Ravaged lives will end
As fates so foul descend

Come on ride the demon
Embrace this tragic season
Defy course & reason
Mocking attempts so fearsome

[Repeat Chorus.]

Repenting quests
They entangle my sins - decline, undo my bidding
Feel my demonride

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