Dementor Albums

  • God Defamer Album (11/4/2004)
    Slaying Grace
    God Defamer
    The Mighty Evil
    My Ally Anger
    Devilish Obsession
    Harvester Of Christian Souls
    Power Of Crucifixion
    To Taste Divinity
    Unholy Hordes Of Rot

  • Enslave The Weak Album (3/15/2001)
    Enslave The Weak
    Feeding The Fire
    Rewrite The Past
    Death Is Coming
    Inverted Darkness
    Reborn Again
    Killing Christians
    Follish Believers
    Opposites Beyond Eternity

  • The Art Of Blasphemy Album (3/15/1999)
    The False Faith
    Time For Death
    Waiting For The Death
    The Art Of Blasphemy
    Taste Of Dead Meat
    Gate Of Eternity
    The Eyes Of The Beast

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