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DEMENTOR started its existence as a three piece band in August 1988. The first line up was: Roman Lukac-guitar, Lubos Gazdik-bass and his brother Roman-drums. At the beginning they produced typical thrash/death metal influenced by early bands such as VENOM, Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost , Death. They realised some rehearsal recordings till 1991. The band does not spread this stuff because of dissatisfaction with the result.

DEMENTOR works hard to attain bigger progress. The break comes with the arrival of Rene Blahusiak who still keeps DEMENTOR alive. At the same time the band feels a strong need to record finally some official material. In February 1992 the first demo "THE EXTINCTION OF CHRISTIANITY" sung in Slovak language and consisting of 9 fast death metal songs comes out. The direction of this demo is totally anti-christian. Just anti-christian themes are the strongest points appearing in DEMENTOR´s lyrics till today.

In 1993 the second demo entitled "MORBID INFECTION" takes turn consisting another six-some madly brutal songs. This demo was finally written in English language. In 1993 two of these songs appeared on the best Czech and Slovak metal bands compilation "NECROMETAL I". DEMENTOR plays many live shows and except of local bands they play with French Crusher and Massacra what in post-communistic country as Slovakia was meant a great success. DEMENTOR often meets personal changes and they are considered to be a typical representative of the inner fight.....but it is just Rene who always sticks the band together. Though members often change, DEMENTOR records the debut album "THE CHURCH DIES" realised on MC format in 1994. This album was edited by young Slovak label IMMORTAL SOULS PRODUCTIONS. The same label is ready to realise DEMENTOR´s first CD "KILL THE THOUGHT ON CHRIST" in 1997. DEMENTOR offers there 8 ways to kill Jesus Christ plus one interesting cover song on the album. This material is a serious step to the world death metal scene. DEMENTOR supports spreading its name through concert activities in Slovakia, Czech republic and abroad as well. The band takes the participation on stages in the Ukraine, Germany, Latvia and Russia.

At that time the new line-up beside Rene is formed. In July Rene- guitar + vocals, Roman Calpas- guitar, Milos "Holloshman" Hornak- drums and Miro "Kerut" Kucej- bass arrive to Pro Art Studio to record long awaited material entitled "THE ART OF BLASPHEMY". The result is very fast and brutal death metal. The recorded material is the fastest one in band´s career. In spite of good conditions offered by I.S.P. DEMENTOR decided to contact some more famous European labels for getting a contract. After some negotiations DEMENTOR accepts an offer of Spanish label QABALAH PRODUCTIONS / sublabel of REPULSE RECORDS and signs with them for editing their second CD "THE ART OF BLASPHEMY". DEMENTOR believes this is the best opportunity to show the people all around the world that Slovak bands are of good-quality.

Shortly after "THE ART OF BLASPHEMY" is out DEMENTOR gets another offer of the contract for two albums from mighty French label OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS. DEMENTOR accepts offered conditions and it is a reason for urgent creating new material. The process of creating starts and runs very fluently. During this activity DEMENTOR manages to graduate mini Russian/ Belarus tour at the end of April and beginning of May 2000. The band meets great responses there and in Minsk plays its best show they have ever played. DEMENTOR faced 600 great death metal fans in the club Reactor.

June 8th is the date of DEMENTOR´s arrival to Pro Art Studio. There was recorded its third CD "ENSLAVE THE WEAK". You will find there 9 new brutal death metal songs also full of blasphemous and dark melodies on the album. This piece of raw brutality is out on OSMOSE since January 15th, 2001.

In April 2002 another DEMENTOR line up has been formed. Now, René is surrounded by completely new names but their musical skills are far better than previous members had. Rasto Schmogner – guitar, marcel Chleban - bass and Rasto Petrovic on drums are now beside René in order to enforce the name of DEMENTOR.

Do not hesitate to check out the new album ENSLAVE THE WEAK and do not stop supporting DEMENTOR!

During 11 years of activity DEMENTOR visited these states with its blasphemous attack: Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Czech republic, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

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