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Lagwagon Demented Rumors Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Let me get this straight,
Your buddy died, tuesday, right?
But today is saturday and I saw him last night
No, I wasn't seeing things and I wasn't drunk
I can't believe you just laughed, that's fucked

So you call your friends
Show no remorse in the end
They laugh and joke,
About how you went
So often the rumors little seems changed
But a lot more in time

Demented rumors and everything's changed
Demented rumors

The loss of friends, so hard to comprehend
How I feel inside, I can't hide
Is suffering you want?
Why oh why did he die?
All the dismay, chance of a life
Demented rumors and everything's changed
Demented rumors

I stayed up last night for a friend
I thought I'd never see again
Because you called me up and said he's dead
How can you speak before you
think about what you're saying
How can you say these things you say?
You say it's your sense of humor
I wanna show you something

Who's gonna laugh when you're gone?
Who's gonna cry when you're gone?
Who's gonna cry...

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