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Demarco Biography

Last updated: 06/10/2012 12:00:00 PM

A young Colin Demar Edwards was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1983. Colin was a very bright student at school but growing up in Kingston he was easily distracted by his bad friends that led him down the wrong path. At the age of 16 he was kicked out of 2 schools and left with no choice other than to move to America with his mom where he now resides. Getting a huge amount of support from his mom he decided to change his life around for the better and get into the music industry where he had a love and enthusiasm for. Once in Baltimore where he linked up with a friend who showed him the ropes of mixing and using the keyboard. With all the confidence and skill in the world he faced many challenges such as money. He started doing whatever jobs he could get in order to buy the needed equipment, one piece at a time, to set up his own studio. Eventually he had enough to buy all the equipment he needed to build rhythms. Now at the age of 25 Demarko is one of the newest and exciting sounds out in the reggae world. He created rhythms for Styles P and Free from 106 & Park, as well for Elephant Man. Demarco made numerous beats alongside The Soul Diggaz who are signed to Missy Elliot and were involved in the production of her last three albums. Now you can hear many hit tracks such as "Fallen Soilders, and Duppy know who fi frighten". There plenty more huge hits to come for this up and rising star.