Delta Goodrem Lyrics

Mistaken Identity

MUSIC has always been there for the good times in Delta
Goodrem’s life.

And it was music that was there yet again during the bad
times. Indeed, music was one of the main comforts for Delta
during the most testing period of her life.

Songs kept whizzing around in her head: melodies,
harmonies, lyrics – many deeper and darker than those that
helped her debut, Innocent Eyes, find its way into over a
million homes – and hearts – in Australia.

Her second album, Mistaken Identity, is the multi-layered
product of More...

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Review about Delta Goodrem songs
Big fan | Reviewer: Camille
    ------ About the song Almost Here performed by Delta Goodrem

This song is beautiful nice and alive . Every time I hear it or sing I feel the pain the love . These are good lyrics and I am a big fan of Delta . I really enjoy listening to this song

Nobody Listened- A Review by Damo. | Reviewer: Damian Bowyer
    ------ About the song Nobody Listened performed by Delta Goodrem

This song Posted 2 Delta Daily today,I had not heard before.Shamed 2 say I didn't listen 2 it.Very much about Delta venting her anger about her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.That amount of suppressed anger is harmful & she is fortunate 2 have survived. I'm sure the Support was there 4 her, but it does seem like she was angry at the Media & not anyone in particular. No wonder it was a Hidden Track, as it was out-of-step with the rest of the Songs on Mistaken Identity.I hope she doesn't hold any anger in now & is very happy.BTW, New Treatments 4 Hodgkin's being undertaken at Brissy's Princess Alexandra Hospital.Less Chemo & Radio Therapy. So glad 2 have heard this Song from Delta. She's a Marvel. Damo.

ARISE LADY DELTA | Reviewer: Damian Bowyer
    ------ About the song Rise performed by Delta Goodrem

Delta, I think this Song, is THE most emotional Vocal, I've ever heard from you. I feel like a heel, for the way I've treated you. Please forgive me. I never know (a major character flaw in me), when I go too far and hope you will accept my apology. This Song, is the first time, you have made me cry and I just want to Hug you, Kiss you and Hold You, Forever. Delta Lives In My Heart and Will Never Leave. Lots of Love to you 'Twinkletoes', from Damo. xox. P.S. I love your Turquoise Dress (my favourite colour, D).

Brilliant Song. | Reviewer: Sarah.
    ------ About the song The Analyst performed by Delta Goodrem

I adore this song, but every time I listen to it, I'm reminded of Jac Naylor from the show "Holby City" (if you watch it, you'll understand why she's like that) because she goes through everything before she accepts it. But it's one of my favourite songs :)

This Girl Deserves It All | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In This Life performed by Delta Goodrem

I have been a fan of Delta Goodrem since 2003 and have loved every song she sings! This girl could sing the phone book and people would listen! She has meaning to all of her songs! I love that her songs are not about love but about life and hard times and good times and awful experiances and growing up and that life is not a fairy-tale but hard work that is worth it!

nice one | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Not Me, Not I performed by Delta Goodrem

I'm feeling sorry for Delta coz she had sung this song when she broke up with her first love. And in this song , it really seems like she's feeling too bad. Well, I thanks a lot to Delta for such a beautiful songs. Last thing...this song is as beautiful as Delta is. Bryan Mcfadden is a very lucky guy to have an other half like her. Love you...

My lifetime inspiration | Reviewer: Zenith
    ------ About the song Together We Are One performed by Delta Goodrem

Thks Delta....Actually I want to be a great singer like Delta when I grow up and this song is reelly worth practising as i can make my throat perfect. This song is full of emotions which Delta has put with all of her might. I love you Delta and thnx a lot......At first I really cried coz bringing those beautiful emotions isn't any easy job.....I still hope to get more beautiful songs from your side....bye......

Howdy | Reviewer: samantha linnane
    ------ About the song Together We Are One performed by Delta Goodrem

I litarally base my life around Delta she has been my idle and inspiration since i was 2 years old when she left the buisness because of cancer i was so devistated worrying if she was going to be OK and if she was ever going to sing again and when i found out that she was alright and had released a new song i was so inspired that now i have an agent and am singing again! Delta you pulled me the the hard times i also had cancer, i didnt know if i would ever get through but you made me have hope and i hope that someday i could meet you.

no more great than | Reviewer: asin
    ------ About the song Not Me, Not I performed by Delta Goodrem

i,m a vietnamese . the song and her voice mix me up really . the fist time i heard this song is on radio .at fist i didn't knew what were she singing but i fell it's so great and i try my best to studying english . and now i want to thank delta so much for all . my idol . god bless you always 1

luv it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Together We Are One performed by Delta Goodrem

delta has sung this really well and it means alot!!! its so great that my skool is doing it 4 the grade 6 graduatation performance!! i truly luv it and the song and delta herself r absolutely inspiring! she is great and so is the song!!!!!!!!!!

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