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Damien Rice Delicate Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2013 09:55:42 AM

We might kiss when we are alone
When nobody's watching
We might take it home
We might make out when nobody's there
It's not that we're scared
It's just that it's delicate

So why'd you fill my sorrows
With the words you've borrowed
From the only place you've known
And why'd ya sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why'd you sing with me at all?

We might live like never before
When there's nothing to give
Well how can we ask for more
We might make love in some secret place
The look on your face is delicate

So why'd you fill my sorrow
With the words you've borrowed
From the only place that you've known
And why'd you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why'd you sing with me at all?

And why'd you fill my sorrows
With the words you've borrowed
From the only place that you've known
Why'd you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why'd you sing with me at all?

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Alternative interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/13

Alright, I know this is going to sound weird and incredibly complicated on lyrics that look plain obvious but I've always read them in a totally different way...
To me (and I'm not saying this happened to Damien Rice, I just saw it that way), it's about a couple and the girl dies. This song is the guy talking to her and also to everybody else who doesn't exactly understand his grief because nobody loved her as much as he did.
He still meets her, he remembers their moments of love and passion and he knows he must do that privatly or he will be considered insane. They only "meet" in his grieving imagination, the "sacred place" because the issue is so "delicate".
As for everybody else who's grieving her death, it seems fake to him because he was the only one who really loved her: "why'd you sing hallelujah If it means nothing to you?" He'd rather nobody did that, since it is fake and that everybody would let him grief alone: "Why'd you sing with me at all?"
I know it is far-fetched and crazy, but that's just how I first saw it...

It began with this song.. | Reviewer: Christine | 4/2/10

When I was at a camp with a boy, he played this song as we sat alone in a dark nook of the camp. Good thing it was dark, because he would have seen me blush otherwise.
This song made me crazy about Damien Rice and crazy about him.

Your wong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

@miriam that isn't it at all its about the girl he used to sing with i can't remember her name, but they were in a relationship . They actually did perform hallelujah together (its on youtube) and then they broke up

in response to "miriam" | Reviewer: lucylefler | 3/2/10

I think you're RIGHT! I saw this interview with Damien and he talks about dating this girl...

but yeah you may be right!!

Religion getting in the way of love | Reviewer: miriam | 1/17/10

Two people are in a relationship and only one of them is religious. The lyrics talk about sharing a relationship that is about private moments filled with delicate passion. She doesn't give up her religion to pursue a relationship with him, but the problem is that she isn't sincerely religious. She wants people to see her as religious and that makes their relationship impossible. Finally, in the end, she chooses to save face over true love and he resents her insincerity. It taints the love they had because it was torn apart by something neither one of them believed in. Why'd you sing with me at all? Why did she let him fall in love with her if she was going to break his heart in the end? It is painful and beautiful at the same time. Being true to oneself and sharing that whole self with another person is true love.

Myy relationshippp | Reviewer: May | 12/28/09

omggg this is the same kind of relationship i am in mann.
not on purpse and like i don't rly want it to be this way or anything but the guy just makes things so confusing and he doesn't wanna be in a relationship but i like the way he treats me....that lyric about the song rly resonates with me...why sing this song to me and whatever if ur not serious about the rship?
he treats me like a god but why do that if ur not serious about what we're doing...why treat me like a god if u don't care to make things public?
likee seriousllyy

DELICATE | Reviewer: CHIMTB | 11/18/09

its truly is a song about wandering hearts. read into the words and its obvious that their love is something made of secrets. their love shouldn't have happened but somehow and somewhere it did or does. its soooo painful. heartbreaking. difficult. complicated. delicate. hiding your kisses from other eyes watching. not wanting your secret to be known by people around you. sharing thoughts that should have been shared with your significant others at home. running off to secret a rendezvous to share something special. the song is clear.

love is simple, never complicated | Reviewer: amir | 9/12/09

smile :) why'd someone want love to be aalways a complicated, complex, intriguing, exciting and something unpredictable every moment that it lasts? why can't love be simple, silently felt like water flowing through an ocean without making much noise or storms/tornados? why do we always run after what hurts us most instead of sweetly caring about us without complaining much about our lackings? why?

hopeless love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/09

i think it's about hopeless love and how they never stood a chance. it was true and pure but they had to hide it from the very start. it was intricate and 'delicate' and every single little movement impacted on it. and they were fools to think that it would ever last. it's that love that you'll never forget because you learnt so much from it and it meant so much to you. it's painful.

damien rice = legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

my personal opinion is that i have been in the same situation as the author and can really relate to this song, he really loves this girl and he also believes that she really loves him when the times are good, because she is confused and believes it herself. if they make love in a special place or they hear a nice song, she would say, this is our "sacred place" or this is our song and he would believe every word. because thats how it was for me, then when the oppurtunity came to cheat on me she took it and "filled my sorrow" but afterwards she felt guilty and was still convinced she loved me so she "borrowed" those three little words again, singing Hallelujah is a metaphor for saying i love you, asi why do you say it if it means nothing to you because he is confused whether she does or not because when she says sorry he believes she actually is and she wont do it again, and "why'd you sing with me at all?" means why are you in a relationship with me what are you gettin out of it. then when the next verse starts hes fell back into her trap of lies.

call me stupid but in my own personal experience i fell for the same trick 8 times with the same girl because i was so blinded by my love for her, all my mates n my family where telling me what she was doing n i just ignored them and upset them and i finally realised they were right after wastin 2years of my life that i will never get back and now i dont even hate her or dislike her because hate and dislike are just a sign that u still care.

anyways thats wot i believe this song to be about, any comments?

I think.. | Reviewer: ? | 8/15/09

It sounds to me like he's describing a relationship where he loved his partner more than she loved him and that she took him for granted. He was more deeply in love and doesn't understand why she would string him along or perhaps even feign feeling the same as he does. A desperate lover.

This song makes me very sad but it is so beautiful. A cruel love song.

love | Reviewer: Dana | 8/8/09

the song is about true love... about the delicate of his lover, the way he sees her above heavens... something very sacred for him... so that everything they do together must be when they are alone because of this love is so sacred and so beautiful. she wont understand his sorrows and wont understand "Hallelujah" cause she is above everything... i think this is what he wanted to say.

Just love... | Reviewer: mot | 7/18/09

As i read the posts i learned ( hopefully its true ) that the author's inspiration was his lost realtionship... But amazingly, to me it doesn't recall anything like that at all...
I read that a sad man, with the company of his loved girl, is impressed by the fact that his truthful partner really feels the emotions of the man. Although she may have nothing to do with the sadness the man feels, she is really sad if he is... She tries filling his sorrows, and sings hallelujah for her partner's achievments, the loved stranger.
Could it be?

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/09

This song makes me cry because it is the song given to my husband by our friend when he was having an affair with her. It tells me that they went to a secret place together when I was looking after our family. I cannot bear to hear it as it reminds me of how my heart was broken and the love I had was destroyed forever.

If its not IT then what is? | Reviewer: Samy | 3/8/09

Let me put this at first, I can completely relate to this song and I am not saying it just for the sake of it.

People have a peculiar way of acting or rather, a correct word be ‘behaving’. In fact, it’s not ‘a’ peculiar way but several ways which are peculiar in themselves.

When you fall for someone, you are willing to do whatever and absolutely whatever to make it work. It doesn’t make sense sometimes, but you don’t realize the fact that it isn’t making any sense. Everything seems right, maybe I’m not getting the correct word here, but what I’m trying to say is nothing which in any way relates to that person seems even slightly wrong or manipulative. Now reason behind using the word manipulative here is when you fall for someone so insanely that you are willing to do anything, well, you run a grave risk wherein that person would take you for granted. And more often than not, you are taken for granted. And what’s even worse is you don’t realize so. And believe it or not, that is definitely not the place you want to be in. Now, it may not be that person’s intention but somehow it happens and one to blame is none but you.

I don't know whether anybody would agree with me on this or not but thats all I wanna say about that. I find my feelings (whatever they are) being said in these lyrics.