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It was the planes he sang to; they taunted and enticed him.
By day he was the school Weird Kid, into Prince and Abba
when everyone else was gabba'd off their cakeholes to 808
State, but by night he was the traveller's troubadour -
strumming in his suburban teenage bedroom on the outskirts
of Southampton airport, listening to the roar of the jets
hitting the runway and soaking in a little of their
far-flung romance.

"Southampton's really really average in every way," says'
Greg Gilbert, the wide-eyed loner behind South Coast More...

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love it | Reviewer: cassie
    ------ About the song Valentine performed by Delays

heyy i found this badnf rom my ex's band list, and thewy are awesome, proberly one of the only things we agreed on lol
but this band is awesomely awesome...
all the songs, even long time comeing, and im so happy not everyone knows that this band existis cos i feel special knowing this wonderful band, but serioulsy its one of the best bands ive ever heard!!!
and stirling, i never really got over you, and thankyou for sharing your life with me when we were together, it was great...
ily delays
ily stirling

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