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Deine Lakaien Biography

Last updated: 11/20/2007

1985, Mikhail Gorbachev becomes general secretary of the CPSU, the private TV channel Sat 1 is going on air, the RAF terrorists Christian Klar and Brigitte Mohnhaupt are going to be judged – and in Munich Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov are starting a band named Deine Lakaien. Horn is a qualified orchestra conductor. He directs the orchestra in the Karlsruhe opera and Veljanov studies theatre history. They get to know each other via newspaper ad. Horn is inspired by dramatic opera, medieval and folk music; Veljanov likes New Wave, Punk and early Gothic. In this way, two basically different people are getting together, but they manage to combine their interests and they start creating a new musical mixture.

Within a short time the debut album “Deine Lakaien “, which they produce themselves, is well known in sub cultural areas. This album already shows the band’s typical vanguard sound, the pleasure to do musical experiments. Still, the two very special musicians are sticking to catchy and traditional structured songs. In 1991 Gymnastic Records releases the album “Dark Star” with a huge success: Deine Lakaien gains enthusiastic fans everywhere in Europe. Up to now this album is very popular and a “must have” for every “wave pop beginner”. With songs like “Reincarnation“, Love me to the end“ or “Dark Star“, Deine Lakaien is defining wave music requirements in a completely new way: It is intelligent and suitable for dancing, at the same time. From now on the band is omnipresent, is reckoned as the musical lodestar of the scene. They are using the reached status to create new musical ideas.

With “Forest Enter Exit“, an industrial inspired album, they enter the German charts for the first time. It is not possible to stop them anymore: Deine Lakaien is creating aesthetically stunning music videos and even that the band does not fit in any category, major labels are interested in working with them. Horn and Veljanov are reacting particularly unusual on the increasing success and pressure. They start deconstructing their own, in most cases, very complex songs to perform them live in acoustic versions: Piano and voice only - the core melody used as guideline. In 1995 this acoustic presentation is a trend-setting concept, and as a result, wave music gains quality reputation. The consequence of this idea: the album “Acoustic“ enters the charts without difficulty, just like “Winter Fish Testosterone“, which was released one year after. Once more, Deine Lakaien proves that the band is continuously progressing. The demand for concerts increases, and Deine Lakaien is able to organize two large concert tours in Germany. In this way, Horn and Veljanov are not just improving the closeness to the fans but also their image as a very special live band.

In 1999, “Kasmodiah“ is the first album released by a major record label. The music is catchy and more popular, but still a success for the fans. Because of the hits “Into my arms“ and “Return“ both musicians are even gaining a lot of new fans. In 2002, with the album “White Lies“ Deine Lakaien returns to the roots of their profession: the traditional way of song writing. Several private issues were the reason for the complex, unique and very calm album, which almost seems to be redundant, and because of that convincing at the same time. It is a first album, a “pearl” of melancholy and sadness but also a passed “final exam”. In 2005, Deine Lakaien is presenting a summary of the band’s whole repertoire with “April Skies“. Club come back celebration with the single release „Over and done“. The frankness of this album indicates the future direction of Deine Lakaien. Everything is possible – and everything could happen: In April 2006, the band is performing in the course of the exhibition „Melancholie. Genie und Wahnsinn in der Kunst“ a sold out acoustic concert in the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin. More than 1000 people experienced a moving and extraordinary Deine Lakaien performance in the frame of a clear and cut museum style. Because of the success Veljanov and Horn are deciding to venture a further musical genre crossing: They are currently preparing their first orchestra tour together with the symphony orchestra Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt for February 2007.

Text: Jochen Müter / May 2006