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Pressure 4-5 Dehydration Lyrics

Last updated: 10/31/2002 03:06:40 AM

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Faith is falling
Thoughts come undone
And every single cell inside your body goes
Numb, just like it never did before
Just like it never did

My faith failing
Where抎 it come from
And every single cell inside my body is numb
Shout to anyone in the dark
Feel these words that create a spark
慍ause there抯 a...

Fire that burns us
And we can抰 live without water
Face the flood 慶ause it抯 going under
And only those without wings will die

People speak and sing and stand up
But words aren抰 enough to fill my cup
When there抯 a...


Looking up, how I抎 love to join them
But I never learned to fly
I never learned to fly
(That抯 not the reason)
That I have never tried
(What you believe in)
I guess it seemed so tired
(What you believe in)

So face your own flood
Together we?br> Drown, just like we never did before
Just like we never did


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