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In the middle of the Golden State, about halfway between
San Francisco and Reno, Nevada, lies Sacramento,
California's capitol and current bastion of Pete Wilson's
republican rule. As irony would have it, it is also home to
a thriving music scene, And Sacramento's hard-hitting
Deftones play a major role. The four members of Deftones,
who have enjoyed a tight camaraderie since childhood and
have breathed sonic fire into otherwise quiet suburban
streets for the past four years, agree that few in the
outside world know about it. More...

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Review about Deftones songs
trancendence | Reviewer: brian
    ------ About the song Root performed by Deftones

Its about how a blind man can see better in the dark... Forced under is turmoil. Giving eyes is metaphorical to seeing what we always seem to not see. He chooses turmoil and true site compared to the other which is not barred. Who wants to give their eyes but a person that has site but doesn't see. He admits we need to love but his heart is stuck inside. He will afford what he feels for a better insight. Its about finding a divinity...

it's sex | Reviewer: Sophia
    ------ About the song Passenger performed by Deftones

About 5 years ago I did an essay on this song, and I had this whole idea it was about being high. I was bent on it, that's what i wrote about. It made sense, and it still kind of makes sense. But as I re-review these lyrics, (this was and still is my absolute most favorite song ever- deftones + maynard. Life is complete) it makes more sense to come to the conclusion that this is about sex.

"Chrome buttons, buckles and leather surfaces
These and other lucky witnesses" the only inanimate objects to witness what's going down inside.

"Roll the windows down
This cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees anything"

It's getting hot in the car, let's do what we're doing it doesn't matter who sees us.

"Drop these down and
Put them on me
Nice cool seats
There to cushion your knees"

Drop them panties. Get on your knees. .. I mean clearly someones getting boned in this song. Regardless whether I'm wrong or not, I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Sex | Reviewer: Dallas
    ------ About the song Change (In the House of Flies) performed by Deftones

I, too, think of sex. But more in the way of he's having sex with either a virgin or extremely shy girl, and how once it started she opened up to it more than he.
'Give you the gun, blow me away' could be him giving control to her and her completely blowing his mind.
I've always thought that 'I took you home, set you on the glass, I pulled off your wings' Could be being so into her that he starts 'dissecting' her every little thing.

Idk. This fucking song is so damn sexy.
This and Digital Bath.
Ugh. So damn good.

Fantastic | Reviewer: P4Pirate
    ------ About the song Do You Believe performed by Deftones

Keeping the dream alive. In a world obsessed with Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and various other selections of puerile rubbish these guys are the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep in coming boys

It's funny.. | Reviewer: RandomInternetGoer
    ------ About the song Bored performed by Deftones

Deftones has to be one of the only bands I can think of where the seemingly incomprehensible lyrics end up actually being what they sounded like to you, haha. I mean, "I burn that gift to doll and let it shine before" is what you hear, but you think to yourself, "I wonder what he's actually saying there...?"

Anyway, I just found that a bit humorous :p.

WRONG | Reviewer: Jazzmin
    ------ About the song Cherry Waves performed by Deftones

"If like you should sink down beneath, *I'LL SWIM DOWN*... Would you?"

This has literally been my absolute FAVORITE song of all time, since it first came out. It will always be my favorite.
Such simple words that mean something so absolutely amazing. Cherry Waves puts me in a trance <3

Tate | Reviewer: Eduardo Sanchez
    ------ About the song Pink Maggit performed by Deftones

I agree with Henry....This song is excellent .... as others from the White Pony album(Knife Party for example).
It feels very emotional but is anyone aware of what exactly is this song about ? I mean....the lyrics from this guys are sometimes hard to understand and have sudden shifts ........

FEG eyelash growth liquid | Reviewer: Ruth
    ------ About the song Mascara performed by Deftones

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Comets and Spaceships | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Xerces performed by Deftones

"Goodbye. Safe heaven. New, new world."
this would tie into mormon religion where they believe that if they accend to the highest spiritual level that they become prepared to meet jesus in outerspace (he has a spaceship apparently) and eventually they become gods of their own solar systems.

"Goodbye, safe heaven. Nuke the world"
same idea only implies that he is capable of astral travel in a new celestial form like before, only in this case is more benevolent and just wants to wave goodbye to planet earth once and for all while it self destructs.

Awesome | Reviewer: TJ
    ------ About the song Around The Fur performed by Deftones

I honestly don't even like this genre of music really, I'm not a metal head or a headbanger, but they are one of my fav bands of all time. I think it really speaks for how great they are, that they can make music that transcends such differences in musical taste. They are geniuses, and true artists, and one of a kind. They will never be repeated. I like stuff like rage against the machine, led zeppelin, portugal. The man, the Beatles, etc...stuff that doesn't come close to this. But they will always be one of my favorites. brilliant. Fucking amazing.

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