Default Lyrics

Dallas Smith (Vocals)
Jeremy Hora (Guitar)
Danny Craig (Drums)
Dave Benedict (Bass)

A band that will definitely stand out among the newcomers
in the Class of 2001, Default is something rare – a
straight-ahead, riff-driven, Rock band. As singer Dallas
Smith says, "We’re just four guys who like to Rock". It’s
as simple as that.

Default formed in the summer of 1999 when guitarist Jeremy
Hora and drummer Danny Craig decided it was time to start a
serious band after kicking around the Vancouver music scene
for four years. After More...

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Review about Default songs
My boy friend is lying to me now im sick & tired of him | Reviewer: Ndileka
    ------ About the song Sick & Tired performed by Default

Im sick of my fucken boyfriend he is alie nd i hate somebody ly 2 me he think im astupide he said his going 2 easterncape this morning all along he want to take another girlfriend,, now raelly hate him igrather be ilone now.

:D | Reviewer: Autumn
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

I really like this song.
I like R&B and Rap and all different types of genres. If you don't your not really a true fan of music...end of story. R&B is soulful and Rap can be very personal and stuff too. What about Eminem? There are a lot of rock bands that sing about random stuff too so I think that it is pretty pointless to argue over who's "right" on here. Just enjoy the lyrics and the point in getting your knickers in a bunch:]

Great Voice | Reviewer: Lui-Yo
    ------ About the song Wasting My Time performed by Default

In a female dominated industry (Thank GOD!!) the vocal leader of the band Dallas Smith is one of the few male singers that can transmit his feelings and emotions just with the sound his voice (and I'm not talking about lyrics). A strong song that could never be topped by any other cover band.

hermosa cancion | Reviewer: hbk
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

It only hurts es a en mi opinion una de las mejores canciones de toda la historia,lamentablemente nunca sera reconocida como tal,Tia Borrego por casualidad el luchador que mencionas es shawn michaels? si es asi te recomiendo el video esp evolution of shawn michaels el mejor tributo de toda la historia

r&b, rap and hip hop | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

Response to 'Andi', could you please possibly learn the correct application of the word 'ignorant'? Your ignorance of the English language is laughable, as is your taste in music; r&b, rap and hip hop all suck, and so do the miscreant scumbags that sing them. Most of them belong in jail, not in Jaguars, and their lack of values and piss-ass attitude towards authority makes me sick (and so do the listeners of this music for the most part).

stop HATING on other music | Reviewer: Andi
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

This is just a response to "Sarah"
" Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, and all that other shit is pointless. It does not express how one truly feels"
I disagree. A lot of it is like that, but theres so much RnB with passion and feelings. Same with rap. Theres an artist called Manafest, he's a rapper. His songs deal with real life situations that people can relate to, and his personal life experiences. He has a song about what it was like growing up after his father committed suicide. You can't possible say that does not show expression. Personally I love RnB. Slow soft passionate RnB about FEELINGS. So stop hatin, it makes you sound ignorant. There's so many sad RnB songs that deal with actual issues that people can relate to, and they are so full of passion. Please sto pbeing ignorant :)

Default rocks <3

:) | Reviewer: hollyann
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

default is an amazing band. if you dont like them then dont judge or make rude remarks about their music. dont waste your time looking into it if all your going to do is b*tch. they have several great songs and this is my favorite follwed by "count on me". there music is more than a beat and a good voice, its also an honest message of how someone was feeling and how other people feel sometimes too. i would love to go to a default concert but just dont think i have time for it this school year.

hollyann (nor-cal)

It Only Hurts | Reviewer: Tia Borrego
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

"It Only Hurts" by far is one of the best songs I have ever had my pleasure of listening to. The song flows together rythmically and it sounds like perfection. I love the lyrics, they are very deep and make much sense. I first heard this song on a tribute to my favorite wrestler, and ever since I have loved it. The song was well put together and sung so beautifully. I love this song and I am proud to say that it is my favorite song in the entire world.

One of the best songs, EVER!!! | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

If people took the time out of their day to actually reolize what it is the lyrics were saying, they would have nothing negitive to say about this song. This song is a very beautiful way of expressing the feelings one has. This "kind" of music is the most beautiful. I'd have to say Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, and all that other shit is pointless. It does not express how one truly feels. This band is under rated, I'd have to agree with you all. I'd reccomend doing some research, before judging this song, though. Good day.

Mm. | Reviewer: Hudson
    ------ About the song It Only Hurts performed by Default

These lyrics are good and I can understand why people like them and listen to them, I think they are an under rated band, and just for the records, everyone has their own music taste, don't insult other people for listening to something you don't like. Personally I can't stand RnB. I'm more into metal myself, but these lyrics ARE good. Plus, if they weren't why would you look them up? Probably to use in a MSN, Myspace, Bebo, Facebook what ever name.

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