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Artist(Band):Def Leppard

In 1977 Def Leppard formed in Sheffield, Yorkshire by Pete
Willis and Rick Savage and Tony Kenning, with the original
name Atomic Mass. They acquired their current name when Joe
Elliott joined. The group had rented a Small abandoned
spoon factory for rehearsals. In 1978 they picked up a
guitarist named Steve Clark. Their first gig was played at
Westfield school July 18th. They were paid  out of a
teachers pocket. In November drummer Tony Kenning was fired
and replaced by Frank Noon and recorded their first More...

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Review about Def Leppard songs
Def Leppard is far from deaf | Reviewer: Bernard
    ------ About the song Animal performed by Def Leppard

Music over the years has its ups and downs, certain music styles come and go. Rock and Roll on the other hand always has a feel to it and when the right guitar riffs are used along with an ensemble that works you get Def Leppard, British Rock at its best. The song "Animal" is relevant of what an excellent Rock song is, 20 years after it sounds so good yet again!! Just listen to the first bars of the song, how the crowd chants, it's just so good!

Always loved this song | Reviewer: Brett
    ------ About the song Billy's Got A Gun performed by Def Leppard

They played this a lot in 1983 when they toured Pyromania and it's a great song. More of the progressive side of Lep. The only thing I'd add, is that I swear Joe is yelling a very British, "Oy, Billy! Oy, Billy!" toward the end. Apparently, this song is an inside joke for one of their American managers.

Amazing Love | Reviewer: Monica
    ------ About the song Guilty performed by Def Leppard

I love Def Leppard to death! They've been my inspiration from I first starting listening to music. No matter what Def Leppard will always be loved by me their songs reflect my life. With Def Leppard in my life I can do anything. Love you Def Leppard forever and always!<3

One of my favorite Def Leppard songs of all time. | Reviewer: Derek
    ------ About the song Don't Shoot Shotgun performed by Def Leppard

Hysteria is by far my favorite album of all time. While most of their hits were on the front side of the album, I'm actually a huge fan of the hits that weren't shown on MTV or played on the radio.

Don't Shoot Shotgun is a fantastic song to sing along to. The guitar work is a lot of fun also!

Epic video | Reviewer: Muttley
    ------ About the song Rocket performed by Def Leppard

The video to this song is epic!

I remember sitting there watching the monitors in the background of all the old band footage thinking "Who the hell are all these bands I have never heard of?"

Thanks to that music video I embarked on an amazing journey of musical discovery. And for that I thank them whole heartedly.

unreal life?! | Reviewer: Erick Jordaan
    ------ About the song Love Bites performed by Def Leppard

I was still a child when mother usually listened to them every weekend. We live in Pretoria (Gauteng) South Africa. But every Friday me and my mother drove to Bethlehem (Freestate) South Africa, go visit my step-father. Every time we went, I visited my step-fathers brother children. And my mother stayed at my step-fathers mothers house. To this date, I don't know why I visited them? Because they usually made fun of me and my circumstances. And trough the week-end we went to visit different kinds of people. Some were scum-bags, some were drug users, some had a bad attitude, child molesters. And on the Sunday we travelled back to Pretoria. Listening to Def leppard and Jon Bon Jovi and singing in the car on their tapes. I don't really know who my real father is, because when my Mother got pregnant with me, she only was 17. So my whole life so far has been a big adventure.

hit the speed that damn good song | Reviewer: elvis mendoza
    ------ About the song Let It Go performed by Def Leppard

this is a song when this band was at its begining...1981 to be precise.with this song they were marking a style and tendency in the heavy metal map which was growing to never finish in that decade...a real icon anthem of the youth of that was for me my first song heard from this great band.

Caloused-heart breaker love song | Reviewer: Nobleinsane
    ------ About the song Miss You In A Heartbeat performed by Def Leppard

One of my personal favorites! I like the Acoustic Version best! The music seems to shot me through the heart, and i felt like melted hearing this song. So Far i have heard 6 versions: the Electric Version, Acoustic Version, Band Acoustic version, Unplugged Version, the "Untitled" Vault album bonus track version and that of Paul Rodgers. All are great, but Paul Rodgers' sucks! I mean it's my own opinion. Nothing beats "DeAf LeOppard"!....

awnser to kevin | Reviewer: Pinto
    ------ About the song Paper Sun performed by Def Leppard

This song was written in regards to the IRA and the Omagh Bombing i 1998. In an interview Joe said they were watching the television broadcasts of the aftermath and had it on mute and wrote the lyrics.

stalker | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Two Steps Behind performed by Def Leppard

does anyone else find the lyrics a little creepy? whatever you do i'll be 2 steps behind. there are more wierd things but i can't remember exactly and am writing this on a wii so i can't look at the lyrics and type.i told my mom and she didn't agree,something about it being a sweet song or something like that.if you just read the lyrics it sounds like a stalker. i do like the song though.DEF LEPPARD IS MY 2ND FAVORITE BAND,next to KISS,which i've been listening to since i was a baby (i was born in 2000 so most of my life but nothing compared to some people)TURN AROUND I'LL BE 2 STEPS BEHIND.

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