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Natalie Grant Deeper Life Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 09:06:20 AM

Natalie Grant -Deeper Life

So many voices oh.! Calling out to me
To sell me something,tell me what I need
But they don't know about this treasure,
I 've found
A gift from heaven I can 't live without
It is a kingdom and its hidden deep inside oh
I will be living for much more meets the eye

Chorus : cause I need the deeper life
Where the love of God runs far and wide
I need the deeper life
I will give him all my heart and mind
I won 't be swept away by every changing tide
I believe in the deeper life

I 've got my telephone, I got my radio
I gotta lot a places I can go
But where I wanna be is of the deep end
My Jesus meets me when I dive right in
I dont wanna slip in slide on the surface of this life
No, My soul will search until this thirst is satisfied

..Repeat chorus

Bridge : I will be seeking first the kingdom of my God
I wanna everything He 's got

Back to chorus ....

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